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A new hope.

Well my biggest hope for this new site is to get more comments and more followers.  Better and bigger then the last one.  To that end i guess i need to send messages to a number of people so they can know i’m back and around again.  so lets get started.

As far as the blog goes i am going to be posting more articles, more pictures, and more topics.  Some may even be *gasp* controversial!  One thing I plan to do is do some dealings with the body and fat acceptance movement.  There are several ladies online that I’d like to court so they can post here as writers for this blog as well.

So yes we are back.

Yes the site is back online at a slightly different address.  Just so you know the mission has not really changed.  We will still be talking about naturism for people of all colors here.  So sit back and enjoy.

Now its going to take some time to rebuild every thing since i wasn’t able to export everything from the previous site.  So please bare with me as I get us back up to where we were before.

Winter fashion and warmth for the at home nudist.

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So yeah winter is on the way and it may not be looking good for some people.  Those of us who are at home nudists know how cold it can get in the house and worst of all how expensive it can get trying to keep the heat up enough to remain nude at home.  Well sometimes you can’t afford to keep the house at a crisp and warm 73 degrees plus all winter.  So here’s some fashion tips for all you naturists at home.

Space Heaters

best-space-heater-reviews-1  Duraflame_electric_space_heater_large

You can get these person heating systems for cheap.  I’ve seen them for about 25 bucks.  I use one in the room where i have my computer and it works great.  A quick tip: close off the room where the space heater is running and it will warm up the room in less then 2 hours.


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In many cases…

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