An interesting thread on 4chan

So i was cruising 4chan earlier today and i stumbled upon what looked like a naturist thread in /pol/ (Politically Incorrect), but sadly it wasn’t.  The two threads seemed to be complaining that the Fremont Solstice Parade was basically degeneracy (perversion) and it was a sign of the decline of the white race in general.  Stupid i know, but both threads had numerous pictures of the Nude Bike Ride that occurs during the event.  So i took some screen caps of the thread and here’s what I saw.

Now the two threads got deleted shortly afterwards.  Now you must also take into account that /pol/ is filled with racist morons who are basically perma-virgins looking for any excuse as to why they are failing in life.  So their opinions on Naturism are basically a joke.  But what caught my eye was the link that you can see in the picture.  The link goes to a blog site basically called “Stuff White People Like”.  I had no idea this was a thing now.  That we as Americans are still dividing such small things in our lives by race.  Now i can remember when music and cigarettes were divided by race back when i was a kid and in my 20’s, but i thought we had moved past that.  I guess not.

In the end i do not believe that Naturism is a ‘white thing’ as these pictures show its quite the opposite.  It may take time but i think blacks will get into Naturism over time with positive exposure to it.

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