Analyzing Cortana: What Does It Mean To Be Naked? Part 1

Catholic In The 21st Century

Note: If you haven’t already, I recommend reading the post in the link before you read this post, just to have as much information as possible: Click Here For The Post

A friend of mine recently brought up a good point about Cortana’s appearance. Below are his words (I have edited them for the sake of clarity):

Eve in the Garden of Eden…. Yes, Cortana is like Eve. The innocence, the beauty — all portrayed by Cortana. So dressing Cortana up would mean that you’re trying to hide that beauty. Or, let’s put it this way — you’re trying to protect her real self, her true identity. Which is, in itself, a masterpiece. So I personally don’t think she should wear clothes.

If you have read the X-Men comics or even seen the movies, you get a better idea of Mystique, a mutant who is so reminiscent of Cortana. Mystique liked…

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