Time for a Constitutional Convention, South Carolina: York County woman nudist, illegally arrested for being topless two times, is illegally jailed for 90 days

all i can say is don’t poke the beast (police and legal authorities) if you don’t like getting bit.

Aiken Area Progressive

YORK — A York County woman nudist who was illegally arrested two times has now been sent to jail after the county basically persecuted her for her beliefs.

Jeannie Jonas, 55, pleaded guilty to indecent exposure charges, even though she did not violate the statute even once.

Her lawyer correctly pointed out that if she was a man, she would not have been arrested even once, let alone jailed for any amount of time.

Persecutors noted that Ms. Jonas was exercising her legal right to be naked in public since late 2006, when the legislature repealed its statewide public nudity ban as part of a modification of the indecent exposure statute that exempts mothers breastfeeding in public areas in the state (NOTE: some municipalities in South Carolina still have a ban on breastfeeding in public via enforcement of public indecency ordinances and public nudity bans that were made law prior…

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