Time to send the journalists out of men’s locker rooms

yeah this got me angry!

I saw the video and I was immediately so pissed off that I had to get up and walk away from my computer for a few minutes.  The entire video is a great example of journalistic malpractice, not to mention the cameraman was a idiot.  In the background of the YouTube video you can plainly see other players in the nude and trying to get dressed or undressed.  And genitalia nearly shows up twice.

Now why do i take such a issue with nudity in this video?  For one this scene was live and being broadcast around the nation at that time and two apparently the journalist and the cameraman have no respect for other people’s privacy.   Not every player on the team wants their naked ass broadcast on national television you morons!!

Aiken Area Progressive

andrew whitworth-Bengals-Tampa-45

This is my office space. I shouldn’t have to change in it and be in front of people I don’t know or really don’t have any purpose for being near me other than the fact they are interviewing other people. If I was a woman, this would be a completely different subject, and it would be a complete firestorm. We can’t always just serve women and everyone else. Men deserve a right, too. We have rights. We have privacy. We deserve all the things we want as well. As a man, I think it’s right the policy is changed.

We completely concur with you, Andrew Whitworth.

And thus, what happened on October 18 should be a national scandal.

Dan Le Batard, who many regard as the worst Odds! player on Pardon the Interruption, said correctly that the policy needs to be scrapped.

And not just for…

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