Nudism and Nude Friendly Places in Second Life

Formerly clothes free life visit our new home

Second Lifer examines naturism, nudity and nakedness in the virtual world.

Naturism is a very specific political concept. Naturism is about Nudity, but a specific limited scope take on it. Where the term ‘Naturism’ comes up, Nudists are very keen on a set agenda of an anti-sensual nude state of being. If one is feeling sensual, that emotion is to be suppressed or denied. This is also often stated under the more positively worded concept of ‘body acceptance’ – the idea of accepting the body as it is. But even here that comes with ‘as long as it is not too attractive or in an aroused state’.

My own opinion is that Naturism arises as a reaction among those who feel a kinship to the notion of nudity, but fear retribution over the expression of their feelings. This is not unwise… public nudity is criminal in many places in the…

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