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Invasion of the glamor shot aliens

Formerly clothes free life visit our new home

In the the first Men in Black movie Will Smith’s character discovers that “all models are aliens.”  In the most recent MIB he tells us that those model aliens are from the planet Glamoria. We laugh because it is such a out of whack train of thought. Sure models are different but aliens nah!

© Davis Wallace Model: Kwentonza

Still that seems to be the trend in thinking for a recent spate of criticisms flying through the online nudie community.  The criticism goes like this. Glamor shots regardless of whether they are indoor or outdoor are not naturist because they are staged and posed. They are not nudists because the models are all perfect looking “photoshopped beasties from the planet Glamoria.”They don’t represent real people with real bodies.

No glamor Shots image courtesy @ibansaram

This is a reoccurring problem faces by the nudist/naturist community trying to define…

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Black (and Asian) Naturists, a mini-series, part 1: Fear of a whites-only grid

the sl naturist



No longer had we posted our declaration to run a series on black and asian naturists, in and out of SL, than ‘the phone rang off the hook’, so to speak.

‘We do our share for black skins’, wail some skin designers.

‘You don’t understand the cost of producing a black skin’, cried another, attempting to justify the often exorbitant cost.

‘Hooray for you!’, wrote a black-skinned avatar whose thoughts mirrored my own.

‘At least you can find the occasional great looking black skin’, wrote someone else, ‘try finding a skin that really does looking Asian!’ (Far eastern or Indian sub-continent wasn’t specified)


I’ve also had contact from SL users who do run a black avatar with a common refrain that it used to be easier to find good, affordable black skins but that task has become ever more difficult.



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31 ideas in Support of Naturism

Thoughtful Naturist

This is a greatly shortened and edited version of a file called 205 Arguments and Observations In Support of Naturism compiled in 1996 by K. Bacher and freely available from various internet sites.

PDF available here:- 31 ideas in Support of Naturism

In no particular order, naturists typically note these points in support of their lifestyle.

1.    There are times when clothing is uncomfortable and unnecessary.
2.    For some activities, nudity is often far more practical than clothing, e.g. swimming
3.    A naturist is not a body lacking something.
4.    Many psychologists say that clothing is an extension of ourselves. So is nudity.
5.    Clothes-compulsiveness creates insecurity about one’s body.
6.    Naturism promotes wholeness of body, rather than setting aside parts of the body as unwholesome and shameful.
7.    The practice of naturism is an immensely freeing experience. That sense of freedom is consistently rated by naturists as one of…

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Why nudist life is not popular for young people

Naked and Happy

The future of nudism is clothing-optional. This is the thesis of this short article titled Why nudist life is not popular for young people. This is a huge debate among the naturist community, one that opposes hard-core die-hard nudists who want nudist-only places and others who are not opposed to give people choice.

It’s a difficult choice since we see more and more nudist places invaded by textiles, nude beaches with people wearing swim suits. However, with a society that sexualises the body and pushes people to seek for the perfect body, I think the future lies into allowing nudity in social spaces as one of the authorized clothing choice. A naked body is something natural and everyone should have the freedom to be naked wherever he/she wants, particularly at the beach or in nature. Hence, I think clothing optional is the natural choice, because I believe in freedom…

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I can no longer stand with you.

I am here to say today that I can no longer stand with the Topless Movement.  Not that I ever did before mind you.  Now why do i not stand with the Topless Movement, or better yet in some ways, stand against it.  Because the Topless Movement is not about Naturism or freedom.  Its just another arm of the octopus that is Third Wave Feminism.  Another tentacle trying to worm its way into another area of society, by claiming that they have the same ideal and agenda as we Naturists do.  I will tell you right now that they do not have our best interests at heart and neither do they share any ideals or agenda with us.

If you read any of the Topless Movement (TM) Blogs, you’ll find a similar theme in every post.  They speak of bras and shirts as oppression from a male dominated society, or by being topless you are fighting against the patriarchy.  That is not what Naturism is about.  In other words the Topless Movement is just another crazy, radical feminist idea.  Bras are oppression!  Shirts and blouses are evil!  It’s all bullshit!  The rules and laws about women keeping their breasts covered is something that society as a whole agreed upon.  And yes that society includes women.  Women agreed that keeping their breasts covered in public was a good thing.  Because no societal change happens unless the women of said society also agree with it.  For those of you who have been married long enough or have been exposed to marriages you know this to be true.  IF MAMA AIN’T HAPPY, THEN AIN’T NOBODY HAPPY!

So when you hear some woman from the Topless Movement say she stands in solidarity with Naturists, be careful in believing her.  If you want to know if she truly stands with us ask if she has been to a naturist resort, ask her if she’s nude at home.  Ask her if she thinks public nudity for all genders is okay.  You may find she doesn’t agree with public nudity.

To put things into perspective, what if men decided to start a Bottomless Movement?  Would all you ladies think it would be okay if men walked around with no pants or underwear on?  Beautiful erections swinging in the breeze.  A few droplets of urine flying free on occasion.  Nah, you wouldn’t be down with that.  Especially the radical feminists who would be triggered every time a erect white male walked or strutted by.  The screams of rape and being triggered would be so loud even God would hear them.  If my penis flapping around in public view oppresses you, then your breasts in public view oppress me.

To put it simply the Topless Movement is just one more form of feminist rebellion.  And its trying to find support from the Naturists to shoulder up its ridiculous cause.  I’m not biting and neither should you.  We don’t need their support, and they shouldn’t need ours.  If their cause is true and good then it will eventually win the day.  The same goes for us.

My Nudist Year Resolutions

Okay i know I’m really late with this but better late then never.

So I have some New Years resolutions for my life as a naturist, and here they are:

  1. Visit a naturist resort at least once this year.  And by visit i mean actually stay for a few hours or a whole weekend.
  2. Be outside more in the nude.  It may be a little dangerous to do so with neighbors all around, so maybe at night.
  3. Post more to this blog.
  4. do more nude photography.
  5. meet some more nudist like myself.


So that’s the list for right now.  Maybe I’ll add on some more if i think of any.

Losing control of my image, 7 lessons from 2015

This issue of losing control of the images you post online is something that nearly every one of us in the nudist persuasion is going to have to deal with.  I’ve been online since online came to exist and I can tell you that anytime you post a picture of yourself in the nude then you can expect the picture to be downloaded, saved and maybe spread around.

A good example.  A group of pictures that have been spread around for years about a incestuous family who took pictures together.  But you look at the pictures themselves and it tells a different story.  The pictures are of a naturist family who agreed to pose in the nude together showing themselves as a family.  Nothing erotic at all.  The pictures where basically comparisons in size and facial structure.  Showing how much the son looks like his father and his mother combined.  And yet this collection of pictures is literally on numerous sites tagged as incest.

I’ve seen numerous photos from naturist sites placed on obvious porn sites tagged as anything from lesbian to incest.  Some sites are just up front with the whole deal and say they took the pictures from the web and are now displaying them for your viewing pleasure.  Or they claim that real amateurs sent in the pictures.

In the end this is not to discourage we nudists from posting our positive lifestyle on the Internet.  In fact we need to do so, so we can show how positive Naturism is as a whole.  If nothing else this reblog is just a bit of education for those of us who are online as naturists.  So we can understand what we are getting into before we click that button that posts a picture of us on the web.

walking with freedom

At the end of 2013 I first wrote about losing control of my image as being one of the hazards of participation in nude events in public. It was a little tongue in cheek as I hardly have an image to lose control of, but it did raise some serious issues as well.

I am revisiting the subject again looking back on 2015, a year when in retrospect I think I could have done rather more in this direction. After all, one naked walk, one naked bike ride and one naked visit to an art exhibition could seem a bit of a damp squib, but I am aware that for many this could be considered the height of (mis)adventure.

Thinking of a specific photographic image, control has two aspects, control of what is captured, and control of who gets to see it. Clothed or unclothed, if you are in a…

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