Why nudist life is not popular for young people

Nu et heureux - Naked and Happy

The future of nudism is clothing-optional. This is the thesis of this short article titled Why nudist life is not popular for young people. This is a huge debate among the naturist community, one that opposes hard-core die-hard nudists who want nudist-only places and others who are not opposed to give people choice.

It’s a difficult choice since we see more and more nudist places invaded by textiles, nude beaches with people wearing swim suits. However, with a society that sexualises the body and pushes people to seek for the perfect body, I think the future lies into allowing nudity in social spaces as one of the authorized clothing choice. A naked body is something natural and everyone should have the freedom to be naked wherever he/she wants, particularly at the beach or in nature. Hence, I think clothing optional is the natural choice, because I believe in freedom…

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