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The rules of going naked in public

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The unspoken rules of going naked in public

If there’s one thing that Emma James really hates, it’s when she’s forced to put clothes on in order to leave the house.
Because for her — and thousands of others around the globe — being naked in public is a freeing and natural experience and one that should be totally without shame.
In fact the devoted naturist from Buckinghamshire, UK, tries to do everything possible in the nude, from swimming to playing volleyball, modelling and even theatre performances.
The 53-year-old is so passionate about the benefits of her lifestyle that she started the website Socks Off in order to encourage other more reluctant people to take the plunge and get out and about while in the buff.
Here she tells about the unspoken rules of being a naturist and reveals her most memorable moments so far.. AU


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Naturist Farming in Wisconsin

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The Naturism of Rising Sun Farm in River Falls, WI

Disrobics’ may occur at any time of the day. Without clothes we can usually work comfortably in even the hottest weather. Practical advantages include absence of binding, sweat-soaked clothes, less laundry, and a lower risk of heat exhaustion. Even when hot, humid weather hits it can be quite joyful working nude when it would be miserable working clothed.”

Browne then goes on to say:

“Working as naturists with the soil, plants, and each other enables us to experience our connection to the earth and our interconnectedness with all life. Naked in nature, we transcend from observer to participant.”

Source: The Heavy Table

Curator’s note: Not sure if this is still happening a visit to the web site did not show any recent activity. If anyone knows if this farm is still in operation please let us know.

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A prayer for nudists during Lent

Catholic In The 21st Century

Because of the positive feedback that my previous post, Thoughts on Ash Wednesday, got, I decided to write a follow-up post.

Below is a prayer I wrote for nudists during Lent. The prayer is written from the perspective of a man, but change a few of the words around and the prayer could work for women, too. As always, feedback is welcome. Thank you for reading it.

Here it is:

God, in the perfect world you created, it was your will that mankind be naked without shame.

You created me.

I come before you, naked.

Please see me, and love me, for all that I am.

Don’t just see my body.

See my heart.

See my mind.

See my soul.

See the deepest desires of my heart.

[Say what your deepest desires are.]

See my most horrifying pains.

[Say what your biggest regrets, fears, and most traumatic events in…

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Naturism and Nudism have a PR problem

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Naturism and nudism have a PR problem and if it isn’t resolved the consequences could be disastrous. The problem originates from the advent of new technology social media and cultural shifts.

Often while browsing the web looking for news stories I come across ordinary people who share their clothes free experience who start by saying I am no nudist. The word nudist has become so associated with sexual nudity that ordinary people who genuinely want to explore naturist and clothes free living avoid it. Porn mongers, pervs and sex trolls have coopted the term nudist to describe their sexual activities and promote their sexual proclivities. Google the word nudist or search on Twitter and the majority of items returned will be porn related.

I can also tell you that the cultures between swinger nudism and family-oriented nudism really aren’t all that different.
Source: r/nudism

All over the internet…

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Naturism’s apathy problem

Naturist Philosopher


We’ve spent a lot of time preparing to talk about how to solve some of naturism’s problems. Now it’s time to start actually addressing the problems. But there are a lot of them. How can we know where to begin? There’s only one way, really. We have to prioritize.

When we looked at the underlying causes of the problems, we found that there were basically two types: causes present in human nature or in our society, and causes in the social nudity community itself. That helps prioritizing a lot, because we can potentially deal with the second sort of causes much more easily than the first, which might be very difficult.

Among problems whose causes lie in the social nudity community itself, there are again two broad types: those related to the leadership of the community, especially its organizations, and those related to the community members themselves. And again…

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