A prayer for nudists during Lent

Catholic In The 21st Century

Because of the positive feedback that my previous post, Thoughts on Ash Wednesday, got, I decided to write a follow-up post.

Below is a prayer I wrote for nudists during Lent. The prayer is written from the perspective of a man, but change a few of the words around and the prayer could work for women, too. As always, feedback is welcome. Thank you for reading it.

Here it is:

God, in the perfect world you created, it was your will that mankind be naked without shame.

You created me.

I come before you, naked.

Please see me, and love me, for all that I am.

Don’t just see my body.

See my heart.

See my mind.

See my soul.

See the deepest desires of my heart.

[Say what your deepest desires are.]

See my most horrifying pains.

[Say what your biggest regrets, fears, and most traumatic events in…

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