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wow: a body vs. embody: rethinking online interaction

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For this week’s Women on Wednesdays I look at the clothes free online environment for women. Most of the points covered herecould apply to any gender; I’m simplyfocusing on women’s perspectives in this particular post and sharing some concerns that have come up in my life and in the lives of other women with whom I connect.

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Take It Off: 7 Struggles Of Being A Nudist In A World Full Of Clothes

Naked and Happy

naturist-shopperGreat to read an article in a mainstream online media written by a nudist female sharing her experience of naked living. 7 Struggles of being a nudist in a world full of clothes explores what it is to be a nudist, part of that body freedom minority, in a clothed world, where people are generally not comfortable with nude bodies and associate nudity to sex.

The author, Gigi Engle, explains her daily struggles as a nudist. Written in a funny tone, this post details briefly seven of those struggles that may make non nudist scratch their heads. Here they are:

  1. You make people uncomfortable. It’s true that when nude with clothed people, you are not the one who is uncomfortable as you accept your body and generally others’ too. It’s those clothed people who are not sure how to behave with you. Give it a try! It’s funny…

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Nude in the Woods.

So on Friday i finally decided to do it.  I went to the wooded area that I have been walking for the past few days and got nude!

I was very nervous at first, mainly because the usual small crowd of guys were there and they were making jokes about me taking pictures with my camera.  But as i left them and walked a for a good bit, my nervousness faded as i realized they wouldn’t walk as far as i was going to.  So i soon found my spot and i disrobed.

I had brought the camera with me to photograph my first time in the nude outdoors.  Until this moment i had only been nude outside in the back yard in the middle of the night, or to dump trash in the garbage can at the end of my driveway in the front yard.  Never before have i been nude in such a public area.

The sun felt great on my skin and so did the slight breeze that blew in the woods.  Although i was nude only for a few minutes per shot it was a gratifying experience none the less.

I truly wanted to be completely nude and walk around, but i had a camera, a tripod, and a mp3 player to carry so i knew i wouldn’t be able to walk around totally nude and carry all of those things in a area i was totally new to so i stayed clothed as i would move through the trail.  I would only disrobe for the pictures.

I had to keep on my shoes for this last set of photos due to prickly gumballs and other hazards, but i enjoyed myself none the less.  The sun and the freedom felt great, but i was still kinda nervous at times.  After i took all the pictures i wanted i decided to head back mainly because i wanted to come back the next day.

I guess I will go back tomorrow and I’ll disrobe and walk the trail itself in the nude for a while.  No camera or much else when i go this time.  But I’ll have to figure out how to carry my keys, mp3 player, and cell phone with me.  Heck!  Come to think of it, how will i carry my clothes once i take them off?  Okay this may present a challenge of grand proportions after all.  Either way though i am going to get nude and outdoors as often as possible now.  I enjoyed just the few minutes too much and now i may be hooked.

Naturist/Nudist Misconceptions and the Truth

Naked and Happy

I just love when mainstream press writes about naturism because it emphasizes the message that nudity is normal. Here’s another one in the Huffington Post about naturism misconceptions and the truth.

Read the article, and here are some extracts I particularly liked:

  • Naturists are normal people who choose to do everyday things but just without clothes on
  • We just don’t think clothes are essential to everyday life
  • Naturism is the perfect antidote to what you see in the media as the perfect body
  • It is more about feeling good about yourself and being liberated from wearing clothes
  • So try taking off your clothes and allow being a Naturist to change your life. What have you got to loose!

To answer to the last, you just got to lose your clothes, and I assure you it feels really good!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

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all that is naked isn’t naturist

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Naturism is a philosophy not an activity -Stephan Dechenes

Recently in an open letter to the International Naturist Federation Stephan Dechenes the owner of Bare Oaks Naturist Park wrote “Naturism is a philosophy not an activity”. I agree at least in part with his description of naturism, however it seems many of those who say they are naturist/nudist fall on the other side of the equation. There seems to be a a growing belief among some in the naturist community online that naturism/nudism is something one does. It is an activity, getting naked or taking of one’s clothes.  The observed result of this belief is its proponents are quick to praise and embrace celebrities when they post naked images of themselves, when they take off their clothes. Case in point the recent Kim Kardashian’s naked selfie which garnered both praise and criticism from her celebrity peers. The nudist/naturist community…

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Dare to be nude.

There is a small wooded trail where i could walk in the nude if i wished in my hometown.  I have to admit when i went there to walk for my health i was tempted to do so.  Now other people do walk the trial but they are all gay men simply cruising for quick sex so i know they wouldn’t mind.  But one has to wonder if one should try to enjoy nudity out in the open with such people hanging around.  I am not afraid of being raped or having pictures taken.  But i cannot help but feel uncomfortable in such a environment.  I spoke with two guys at the trail and told them i was a nudist and they didn’t even flinch.  One was a black male and it was nice to meet someone black who didn’t seem too off put by the fact that i was a nudist.

I have to admit i feel like a coward though.  A place i can finally be in the nude and the first thing i do is chicken out.  Well maybe if i went in deeper into the trail it would be fine.  I may just do that next time i go walking out there.  But what do you guys think?  Give me some feedback here.