When Naturism and Textile Collide

Naturist Fab

Hi Everyone.  Haven’t posted in a while and thought I’d share something that recently happened on Facebook.

Since November of 2014 I joined a naturist group through Meetup in the Halifax area, The All-Welcome Drama Free Skinny Dippers. I have participated in a few gatherings and even became an event Administrator to this group.

Last December I was asked to join another naturist group on Facebook and have organized the first nude swim this past January.

This last group is the one that is now trickling more and more into my textile life. I found out through a friend on Meetup and Twitter that people who follow me on Facebook can see the interests or groups I am part of. The Halifax Adventurous Skinny Dippers is that such group.

After having lunch with my friend, he said that he removed himself from that group on Facebook because he was concerned…

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