I am getting quite annoyed with the newest fad among the washed up Hollywood set.  And that fad is posting not really nude, nude pics.  They are claiming they support being body positive.  Well that’s all well and good when you have a body like Holly Berry or some other Hollywood star.

But you and I know what the truth is.  The pictures and support are just a way to see if they are still relevant.  Lets just face it.  We’ll never see these stars on a nude beach or supporting Naturism or even revealing they are Naturists.  I can’t really blame them though.  With the paparazzi and plenty of stalking pervs out there every Nude resort in California would be overrun even if one star admitted to going to nude resorts.  And the negative connotations about Nudism don’t help either.

Just once i would like to see a celebrity actually truly support Naturism or any thing for that matter.  Because i truly believe that their support for most of these movements and fads are false.

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