My First Nude Walk in the Woods.

So some of you may be wondering why i didn’t write about the first nude walk in the woods that i took earlier.  To be honest it was something of a pyrrhic achievement.  The problem with first walk was the fact that i had not vetted the trail completely.  I was nervous, and i had a negative state of mind due to having a lot going on at the time.

Let me explain the trail in some detail so you can understand what was going on.  Basically the trail is set in a patch of woods that used to be a swamp.  You can access the trail via a off ramp road from the highway.  The trail runs in one big loop with intersecting trails that join on side of the loop to the other or lead to another section on one side.  Being within the trail itself the tail seems to be very large and even something of a maze.  But if you walk the whole thing just once you realize its relatively small, not even 2 miles of walking in total.  On the right of the trail is the highway that you would usually travel.  No one can really see you from the highway or road because of elevation and distance.  On the left side of the loop is a series of apartments, a hospice, and the back yards of some houses that are part of a old subdivision.  On this side also the trees thin out quite well and you could be plainly seen if someone was looking.

I did not realize all this during my first walk so i was fraught with worry and quickly putting back on my clothes as i walked the left side of the trail.  To make matters worse i was wearing a fanny pack with just about everything i could carry in it.  And i had foolishly worn a pair of soft but very comfortable shoes.  The shoes did not give much protection to my toes so whenever i stubbed my foot on a tree root it kind of stung.  The whole walk was very clumsy and kind of misery inducing.  By the time i made it back to my car i wasn’t sure if i wanted to write about my experience, repeat it, or even think about it.

After thinking about my first walk for a day or two i decided i would go back to the trail a second time.  I realized that I had walked the trail with too many expectations, too much equipment, and too much negativity in my mind.  I had expected a lot out of myself and the walk as well.  I was unprepared and over prepared in some other ways.  I decided that my next walk would be different.

3 thoughts on “My First Nude Walk in the Woods.

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