My Second Nude Walk in the Woods.

For my second Nude walk in the woods i decided to get down to brass tacks.  No fanny pack, just me, my clothes, a mp3 player, my car keys and one e-cig.  And most of all, no grand expectations.

Its amazing how good walking can feel when you are in a good mood, and the weather is nice enough.  I had to wait almost 3 weeks before i could go on another nude walk due to the weather suddenly becoming cold again.  Suffice to say i was wondering how long i would have to wait, when the opportunity presented itself just 3 days ago.

This time when i went for a walk it was very different.  I knew the trail, i knew where I wanted to go and how far to walk.  This walk was a lot more fun and i felt great.  The air on my skin felt wonderful and i felt a grand sense of freedom.  But alas it was not to last.  I completed my nude walk in about 40 minutes and decided to head back to my car and home.

But there is something that this nude walk helped me realize.  I need to walk for my true health, nude or not I need to try to walk every day.  I know that won’t be easy with work and all, but one of my plans is to get some kind of gym membership.  I have diabetes and high blood pressure.  So much of my health problems would go away if i just exercised and lost some more weight.  So while i may go on a few more nude walks.  I think i will focus on getting healthy, not nude in the course of getting some exercise.

4 thoughts on “My Second Nude Walk in the Woods.

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