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Naturist/Nudist purists discourage newbie nudists

Formerly clothes free life visit our new home

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I have been thinking about this for some time. As a newbie to social nudism it has been my expereince, that’s my experience. It may not be yours, but when I started exploring nudism I experienced some long time nudists/naturists expressed such purist views to me that it discouraged the practice. As a newbie I kept hearing so many negative things about what I had to do to prove I was a true nudist that it really slowed my progress into social nudism.

Here are a few comments I encountered

  1. If you aren’t nude 24/7 you are really a nudist.
  2. if you are only nude at home then you aren’t a real nudist.
  3. Real nudist never talk about sex
  4. Real nudists don’t cover for anyone.
  5. real nudists let everyone know they are nudists because they are not ashamed.
  6. if you don’t go out…

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Reality check

Formerly clothes free life visit our new home

The reality of ‘the nudist’.

I think that most people who do their best to promote nudism or naturism should consider what they are doing. Don’t get me wrong. They probably think they’re doing something good, for which I applaud them, but is this what you’d expect to be a typical nudist?


A fit girl on a bike? I’ve been a naturist for quite a while and I still have to encounter one of those. Maybe I live in the wrong place although the Netherlands is a country where bicycles are very prominent.

We are the real thing.

And with the real thing I mean ordinary people who don’t all look slim and fit. Who have some excess skin-filling, scars, and in general less than perfect bodies. (Present readers excluded of course. 😉 )

27516264201_43fbe09480_oThis is more likely. Normal people, like you can encounter at a World Naked Bike Ride.

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Nude Hike: Nantahala National Forest

On Tuesday of this week i went on my first Naturist hike with a group. Nantahala National Forest was where we decided to do a 10 mile hike and we started around 11 A.M.. I thought it would be a piece of cake for me but in less then a mile i was so winded and tired that I had to stop. NO ONE TOLD ME WE’D BE HIKING UP A FREAKING MOUNTAIN!!! Suffice to say, i elected to turn back so the others could continue their hike in peace and at the pace they had set.  I was truly embarrassed but i knew that i couldn’t keep up with the others who were all seasoned hikers.

After about 20 minutes of rest my pride and determination got to me and i decided to continue on my own at my pace. I surprisingly made it 2 more miles before i had to turn back. I could have gone on much further but i knew that if i didn’t turn back at that point i might miss meeting up with the group when they came back down from the mountain. So i turned back, deciding that I would take pictures on the way.

The pictures truly don’t do justice to the area.  It is very beautiful and peaceful.  My trip down the mountain was quite enjoyable as the wind blew and i could feel the cool wind on my skin.  I was nude going up the mountain and going all the way back down to the river where we first started and it felt great.

I actually squatted in the river for a few minutes to clean my rear end off because after sitting on the trail times my butt crack had leaves and dirt all over it.  I was not going to put back on my shorts without a quick wash up.  As soon as i had finished putting on my shorts I heard someone behind, a family of four out to take pictures on the trail.  I was glad i had my clothes back on at this point.  Even though there is no federal statue or ordinance about being nude on Federal land, we had decided to be respectful and try to remain clothed near the entrance to the trail so as not to upset any families.

After I rested for a few minutes i decided to walk some more to keep myself entertained so i decided to follow the trail to a scenic waterfall called Laurel Falls.  I figured the family i had seen earlier had went that way so i decided to stay clothed.

Laurel Falls was a beautiful scene, even though i had to walk a mile to get to it.  I also caught up with the family i had seen earlier and talked with them for a bit.  After a few pictures we all walked back to the entrance to the trail and they left.

After the walk to the falls i was exhausted, hot, and kinda miserable so i sat down near the road and rested for almost a hour before once more i decided to do something with what i felt would be the last hour before the group returned and we left.  So i decided to check out the camp site i had heard one of the guys mention.  As you can see from the pictures above it was a nice, kind of isolated spot so I sat down and disrobed and spent the last hour naked before the guys returned.

When everyone came back we decided to drink a beer and check out the river a bit.  The beer tasted pretty good and we ended up laughing, joking and taking pictures of the river and each other.

After the fun and games we returned to the hotel, showered, and went to eat at a Mexican restaurant.  After that we sat around the hotel room naked and shot the shit for a few hours.  With one of the guys taking a few pictures of me sitting smiling.  He used my camera of course.

So around 12 A.M. we all went to our rooms and crashed for the night, saying our good byes that night because i knew i was going home in the morning.  I went with two of the guys to Hardee’s for breakfast the next morning and then I headed home.




Nudist Dating Site Scam

So a few days ago I was checking the other sites I follow and there was a post about a new dating site for Naturists called  I thought it might be a good way to find other naturists in my area and connect so i started a trial membership.  As i suspected the site quickly followed dating site scam protocol.

  1. A email is sent just a few hours later saying three women were interested in me.
  2. All attempts to view pictures of the women or chat with them redirect to a payment screen
  3. The women were all online constantly but never responded to any ‘winks’ or other attempts to get their attention
  4. Any attempts to click on other members either led to the payment screen or to a search engine that never showed any results but prompted you to pay money to get a more accurate search.
  5. It seems that so many people are online, but no one ever attempts to contact me or anyone else.  It is impossible to actually just message a person and get a prompt real-time response.
  6. All the female ‘buddies’ i had all had similar profiles.  They were all from Canada, all of them were 30, and they all described themselves as ‘nasty sluts who want to suck and fuck’.

Basically the site just wants you to pay them money to view fake or inactive profiles.  A lot of the pictures are stolen from Facebook or some amateur porn site.  Best bet is to leave this place alone and don’t spend any money on it.

P.S.  Just found this article on the Young Naturist site:

It helps prove my point

My Visit to Carolina Foothills Resort


So yes I finally visited a Naturist resort.  I drove about 45 minutes from my house to get there.  And to be honest the area was familiar territory.  So i pulled up to the gate and it was open so i drove on in.  The place looked very different from what i could remember from almost 20 years ago, so i immediately became nervous, wondering if things had changed a lot or if i was in the wrong spot.

I made it to the front office and decided to speak with the manager.  Jeannie seemed surprised to see me.  After speaking with her for a few minutes i immediately got the impression that they would rather people come calling when invited or if they call in ahead of time.  Which to be honest, did not help me feel welcome.  I was given a quick tour of the place and it seemed very nice indeed.  I knew i would have enjoyed my time there.  They made a strong point though that they preferred heterosexual couple to come there.  And when i asked if they were LBGT friendly Jessica, my tour guide, said yes but stressed that they did not allow LBGT couples to show any signs of affection.  To be honest the whole vibe i got from that part of our conversation was that while CFR allowed gays to enter and stay, they really only wanted straight people there.  Such is the South I guess.

So after the tour they told me i could stay for 30 more minutes and disrobe if i wished to.  I agreed to that and gave them my license and signed a guest registration form.  At that time i had decided that i would like to come back one day soon and stay for a whole day  since the prices were cheap.  I would never get that chance.

I spent about 7 minutes in the nude before one of the guests who also act as security told me i had to leave.  I had done nothing wrong, and i won’t go into the reason they gave me for having to leave, but they made it plain and clear that they did not want me there and i was told never to return.

I didn’t raise a fuss or a stink, I simply went back to my car got dressed, and left with something of a heavy heart.  Since CFR is affiliated with the AANR i doubt I’ll be able to go to any other naturist resort for the rest of my life.  And yes i feel angry and somewhat upset about it all.

But in many ways at least i fulfilled one thing on my bucket list and now i don’t have to worry about the cost of visiting a Naturist resort.  I would recommend Carolina Foothills Resort to other people, but suffice to say, even if i was offered a chance to return, i doubt i would go.  I would hate to go and have people staring at me as if i was some kind of alien.

Well that’s all there is to it.  I am a at home naturist for life i guess.  I feel as if i seriously need to reconsider keeping this blog going though.  It seems useless now.


Nude Seniors Collection.

Okay…in the spirit of my last post i will start the Nude Seniors picture post idea that i had some time ago.


You know the hardest thing about getting old is realizing that you are getting old.  Just recently one of my young co-workers offered to lift a heavy box because he was worried that i might hurt my back “at my age” he stated.  Yeah that kinda stung, but I’m literally old enough to be his father since i am 39 and he is 19.  So yeah I guess to a 19 yr old, I am getting old.

But just because we get old, doesn’t mean we can’t be nude and that we have to stop living.  Just my 10 cents for this post.