A question I ask myself.

The question is, “Am i truly a naturist?”  I know I can say that I am a At-Home-Naturist, but as a naturist shouldn’t i have visited a naturist resort at some point over the last 18 years?  Yet i never have.  I could claim that money and time was the major problem.  But to be honest i just forgot about it.  And whenever i thought i about visiting one i was usually short on time or gas or money, so i put it off another month or year.  So now, this year i have a chance to visit a naturist resort and I am at least going to visit and see what this one that is close to where i live looks like.  Then from there i will decide if i want to spend a day or weekend there.  Then i can finally answer the question, “Am i truly a Naturist?”

5 thoughts on “A question I ask myself.

  1. Per Verse Poetry

    Dear lady, I read your posting with interest. I’m interested in people’s different views on naturism. Why is it important to you to meet an unspecified standard to claim the title of naturist? Is not being nude at home naturism? Why is the title necessary to your enjoyment of being naked? Some get their happiness from being naked alone. I like to be naked whenever I can. I haven’t been publicly naked for many years as not had the opportunity. It doesn’t matter to me. Am I a naturist? I don’t know. ‘The title doesn’t bother me. Don’t let things like other people’s perceptions of you spoil what you enjoy. After all, naturism is the freedom of being who we are, naked.

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