The Problems With The Nudity At Gay Pride Parades

Catholic In The 21st Century

It’s what we do with our naked bodies that kept us gays down for so long… head downtown to celebrate gay rights and gay sex — and to protest those who hate us gays and the ways we seek pleasure. ~ Danny Glenwright, in an article called “Let’s get naked this Pride” (from: Defending Nudity At Toronto’s Parade)

The problems I with the nudity at Gay Pride Parades are:

A person is naked in front of people who aren’t.

To be naked is to be in an intimate and vulnerable state of being. When a person is naked, all that they physically are is exposed for all to see. As a result, I believe that nudity should only take place between spouses, or between family or close friends. The reason why is because a spouse, family, or close friend are people you can trust: People you know have your best…

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