Naturist/Nudist purists discourage newbie nudists

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I have been thinking about this for some time. As a newbie to social nudism it has been my expereince, that’s my experience. It may not be yours, but when I started exploring nudism I experienced some long time nudists/naturists expressed such purist views to me that it discouraged the practice. As a newbie I kept hearing so many negative things about what I had to do to prove I was a true nudist that it really slowed my progress into social nudism.

Here are a few comments I encountered

  1. If you aren’t nude 24/7 you are really a nudist.
  2. if you are only nude at home then you aren’t a real nudist.
  3. Real nudist never talk about sex
  4. Real nudists don’t cover for anyone.
  5. real nudists let everyone know they are nudists because they are not ashamed.
  6. if you don’t go out…

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