Reality check

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The reality of ‘the nudist’.

I think that most people who do their best to promote nudism or naturism should consider what they are doing. Don’t get me wrong. They probably think they’re doing something good, for which I applaud them, but is this what you’d expect to be a typical nudist?


A fit girl on a bike? I’ve been a naturist for quite a while and I still have to encounter one of those. Maybe I live in the wrong place although the Netherlands is a country where bicycles are very prominent.

We are the real thing.

And with the real thing I mean ordinary people who don’t all look slim and fit. Who have some excess skin-filling, scars, and in general less than perfect bodies. (Present readers excluded of course. 😉 )

27516264201_43fbe09480_oThis is more likely. Normal people, like you can encounter at a World Naked Bike Ride.

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