Male circumcision & ‘Naked Attraction’

The SL Naturist 2

Flicking through the (digital) pages of The Guardian/Observer this morning, I spotted a story about male circumcision and how one husband’s insistence on it for his sons ended his marriage.

With circumcision the predominant look in north America, it’s unsurprising that ‘the look’ is mainly of the ‘cut’ variety.


In Europe, however, the predominant look is to be uncircumcised (uncut).


Uncircumcised male naturist with foreskin intact


Circumcised male naturist with foreskin removed.

There are social and religious reasons for circumcision. It was once believed that circumcising prevented masturbation (untrue) and offered more protection against infections (debatable), which were the social reasons for cutting.

Muslims and Jews routinely circumcise their male children, even now, for religious reasons.

I confess that I grew up in a slightly sheltered environment, and it wasn’t until I became a naturist that I had a range of penises to compare. Because my naturism has exclusively been…

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