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Sarah Hester – Naked in the Woods

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Project Naked


This incredible photography project by Sarah Hester brought women together in a raw and candid way to unleash their inner Goddess and be shot Naked in the Woods.
I came across some of her photographs and the brutally honest and heartfelt accounts spoken about the experience, and felt it had to be shared (with permission!)

The following extracts are copied from her blog —

“I approached a local group about doing a shoot naked in the woods. I made it clear that there wouldn’t be makeup or clothes or any editing done to their bodies.  The idea was well received. VERY well received. Within a few days I had a group of nearly 100 willing to participate in the project. My visions for the project was to show what people really look like. To show how beautiful our bodies are without help from cosmetics or photoshop. Real life. Gritty and raw.

As the days counted…

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You know i have done some updating on this blogs blogroll.  You know the side bar with links to different sites.  So check out the three new tumblr sites i added.  They are tumblrs with pictures of people of color in the nude, nothing sexual, with commentary about naturism and encouragement for people of color to join the nudist community!

It’s a naturist’s account … not a naturist account.

Tha Naked I


I give you another guest blog post today, written by none other than the guru of nude twitter, Björ (@IbanSaram) himself. The article is about what it’s like having an account as a naturist on social media. It’s a very insightful post so I hope you will like it. Here it goes !

For those who don’t immediately recognise the twitter name in the by-line, allow me to introduce myself quickly by saying that, among the other things I do in my real life as an employed adult male, I tweet stuff : thoughts of the day, weekly men’s health reminders, captioned naturist posts, humorous things I happen across on the net, and the occasional political comment.

I believe I can safely say that my followers, most of whom are male naturists like myself, initially follow my twitter account for the naturist posts and semi-regular challenges, retweet and donate to…

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