Naturism and Youtube.

Please remember to support and like naturist videos on Youtube.  It will help us get the message out to young people if we support these videos.  Also if you are posting naturist videos on Youtube, make sure to argue that your videos are not porn and should be allowed to be viewed even by minors.

10 thoughts on “Naturism and Youtube.

  1. The Black Trans Nudist

    I rarely post about Naturism on YT because of this. Its getting crazy. They started restricting lgbt content


      1. William Post author

        no it has something to do with the advertisement system. I suggest you look it up on Youtube. Apparently a number of advertisers have been pulling their advertisements from videos due to content in the videos they may not agree with. Its a lot of bull shit. Look “pewdiepie controversy” on google and you’ll see where it started.

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      2. The Black Trans Nudist

        I remember it started last year. I’m a YouTube Partner myself and They pulled ads from my Black Lives Matter vids, and some vids giving relationship advice, as well as transrights vids


      3. William Post author

        yeah. youtube has to keep that bottom line black and smooth. But you can blame the Mainstream Media for it all. They feel threatened by Youtube being more popular then they are so they are trying to stifle it.

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      4. William Post author

        yeah but if the advertisers pull their paid for advertising then Youtube will go belly up. that’s what the MSM wants. They no longer control the narrative when it comes to the news anymore. They want their power back and they will kill Youtube to get it.

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      5. The Black Trans Nudist

        MSM will have hell trying. Thank God for paypal, patreon, and other crowdfunding sites


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