Naturism vs. Nudism.

I have to admit this topic has been on my mind a few times, but i avoided writing about it because the logistics of it kind of drove me nuts.

I have been thinking about the more or less complex definition of the Naturist, the Nudist, and Naturism and Nudism.

The way i am beginning to see it is that Naturism is much more of a lifestyle, a choice, something that truly helps to define a part of the Naturalist’s personality and being.  While the Naturist does not abhor or hate clothing, they believe that clothes are not part of the natural state of the human being and so therefore they should not be used or needed unless the temperature or environment calls for it. The Naturist believes being nude allows for freedom of one’s self, one’s body, and one’s mind.  That to be nude invites healing one’s self and promotes heath.  Naturism calls for a commitment in many ways, but does not demand.  The Naturist lifestyle can be returned to whenever one chooses. Naturism is not a cult nor does it worship the Sun or the human form.  Naturism is apolitical and generally doesn’t choose sides.  Although it will support legislation that would allow for the Naturist to be in the nude the public.  Naturism is non-sexual, but it not prudish or hateful of sex.

Nudism is different in my opinion.  Nudism is personal and in many ways private.  The nudist prefers his/her nakedness to be more of a private affair.  Many Nudists are at-home Nudists.  They usually do not wear clothes are home, but will remained clothed when company comes over.  While Nudists do visit naturist resorts they go mainly to express their nakedness in a more public setting.  They generally do not have a desire to become members or regular visitors to any clothing optional resort.  The Nudist generally has no problem wearing clothes and see the wearing of textiles as just a normal part of life.  While clothing is still considered optional, it is also something of a necessity.   Nudists often mix their being nude with politics and social movements.  They support a cause if it seems to portray the nude form as something good and normal.  Often the nudist may link Nudism with social justice causes.  The Nudist is often very shy about his/her nudeness and generally would not share that they are nude at home even with close family and friends.  The reason for this is the social stigma that comes with being nude in a open or public setting.  The Nudist fears being shunned by others even for being nude at home.


Now all of this is just my opinion on the difference between Naturism and Nudism.  I am not stating that anyone is one or the other.

9 thoughts on “Naturism vs. Nudism.

  1. Rick

    I try not to get caught up in definitions but I tend to identify as a naturist (for the lack of a better term) and most of the points in your naturist definition fit well into my naturist identity. There are a few points in your nudist definition that fit me as well.For instance, being nude tends to be a private affair (alone or with a small group of friends) and I have little desire to regularly visit or join a nudist club or resort. I don’t have a problem with wearing clothes, being nude is a preference, but I realize that clothing is quite often a necessity for interacting with the society at large.


  2. Rick

    Reblogged this on MojoNude and commented:
    Nearly all of us have own perspectives on the difference between naturism and nudism. I guess it comes from our desire to classify and sort people, places, and things into neat categories.

    Personally, I try to avoid labels and strict definitions for arbitrary subjects. I agree with some points made in the article and disagree with others but taking into account other perspectives often causes me to reconsider and question my own which I generally find to be a good thing.

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  3. Nekkid Furry Boi Blog

    I concur with the comments above and also add that I appreciate your conclusion that it is up to the individual to determine what term best suits them. Cool post, my friend!

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  4. All-Nudist

    It’s funny, but I’ve seen exactly the OPPOSITE viewpoints expressed, and often.
    Actually, it’s merely a matter of semantics, regionality, and self-image. Sometimes it’s an effort to make oneself feel superior to others.

    No matter; the proof is in the pudding. Nudists/naturists go to exactly the same places, do the same things, share a philosophy, appear to be visually the same, and in all other ways are indistinguishable from each other.

    The only place one’s position as a nudist or naturist comes up in conversation is on websites that very few nudists/naturists, percentage-wise, follow.

    The debate over any perceived ‘difference’ serves only to divide an otherwise cohesive and thoroughly enjoyable experience for millions worldwide.

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