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Naked Eclipse Party!!!


Naked Eclipse Party and Other Strange Rituals around the World

The total solar eclipse on Monday is a much-anticipated event in the U.S., and aside from the conventional viewing practices, there are groups and people who have strange ways of celebrating the rare occasion. Take for example a nudist club in Lonedell, Missouri who’s having an eclipse viewing party.

The nudist club is called the Forty Acre Club founded in 1950, and the only remaining nudist club in Missouri.

The club is well-prepared for the eclipse day as well. Board member Tom Morrissey says the club has five sites open for RV’s and nearly 12 sites available for tents on eclipse day. All the cabins are booked. There’s only one obvious rule for those joining the club in welcoming and viewing the eclipse, of course: they have to be naked.

Morissey said: “You have to use common sense based on weather and everything. In our pool area, common grounds, nudity is required.”

Morissey also added that the 40 Acre Club will be joining the nearby St. Clair, Mo. in turning the eclipse into a fun three-day festival along with several other cities in the path of totality. The merriment started on Friday with eclipse themed dances in the pavilion, tournaments, potluck and pool party.

The nudist club’s way of celebrating the eclipse may be odd, but they are not alone as there are other strange eclipse rituals all over the world.

Since the eclipse is passing over my hometown tomorrow I plan to be nude somewhere outside during the eclipse!

My Naturist Home

Naturist Fab

I wrote “Welcome to my Home” back in November of 2015. A lot of things have changed in my life and so has my home.

The main thing of course is surviving tongue cancer that took place last November and having a better perspective on the direction of my life. Life is too short to keep living in the past and we must look to a brighter future.

As my body has changed due to extreme weight loss, the love and care from my husband John has been stronger than ever. Through these changes our home has had some changes as well and I thought I’d share them with you. John has been very helpful in my naturist lifestyle and graciously took pictures to follow my narrative.

Our 1,100 sq. ft. home is on approximately a 1/2 acre lot surrounded by an ever expanding garden that offers many areas for…

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Man who suffered from body obsession on Nude Tour

Robert John says nudist colonies helped him get over Body Dysmorphic Disorder FOR most of his life Robert John would agonise about perceived flaws in his body and was later diagnosed with body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) – an obsessive preoccupation with appearance. Now, aged 33, he has found a new lease of life after visiting…

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