Nudism/Naturism: Calgary debacle a setback for true naturist groups

Jillian Page

What were they thinking?

A group calling itself Calgary Nude Recreation forms in November 2017, rents a public pool facilty and posts a Meet-up notice inviting the general public to attend a nudist event there on Jan. 14. Everyone was welcome, they said, especially parents and their kids because the group is family oriented. Tickets were $20, and the event was to be held at the Southland Leisure Centre.

If you are a naturist who belongs to a traditional naturism organization, you probably would have been cringing had you seen that post. No traditional naturism organization would publicize their events in such a way and invite people to attend without some sort of screening process in advance. And they would never, ever broadcast to the general public where a particular swim is being held.

But Calgary Nude Recreation doesn’t appear to be a traditional naturism organization. They seem to have…

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One thought on “Nudism/Naturism: Calgary debacle a setback for true naturist groups

  1. renudepride

    It seems that the process of “screening” works both ways. The City of Calgary should have screened the organization before granting permission for them to hold the event there. Thanks for sharing this. I was unaware. Naked hugs!



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