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Naked Drawings from February 4, 2018 – Men’s Naked Drawing Group

Naturist Fab

This was the first time I had a one on one drawing and painting session at a model’s home.

I have known Tom for four years and he modelled for the Men’s Naked Drawing Group on several occasions.  With winter, it is never easy to get everyone together due to the uncertainty of the weather and he invited our group in December to use his space in his home to cut the costs of renting a room at the Community Centre.  Unfortunately, due to the holidays, we could not get together then.

Since I’ve been drawing the cartoon The Secret Life of a Naturist for Clothesfreelife I needed to hone my sketching skills so I emailed Tom last week and asked if he was ok if I went over on Sunday afternoon to sketch and perhaps paint. He said that would be fine.

Sunday arrived and thankfully the weather cooperated…

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