I really am thinking about quitting the whole shaven crotch routine when it comes to Naturism.  It just doesn’t feel right any more and at times i feel its a hassle.  I always shaved my pubic region because I thought that that was what naturists did and were supposed to do.  But now I just don’t know any more.  Maybe I’ll shave my pubic region one last time and let it all grow out afterwords to see how I feel about it.  Over the last few years I’ve seen more and more naturists who have allowed the hair on their crotches to go unshaven, maybe I’ve had it wrong all this time.

5 thoughts on “Shaving.

  1. greg15ls

    Yes! You’ve had it wrong all this time. Nudists don’t care if you’re shaved or unshaved. I’m aware of only one group of Nudists that insisted on its’ members being hairless (body); “The World of The Nudist Nudes”. I’m not sure if they are in operation today. Being a nudist is more about being comfortable in your naked body. Hair is not an issue.

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  2. djohns

    Isn’t the whole idea of naturism/ nudism to be free of what restricts you? If you are/ we’re doing something to be as everyone else is, isn’t that in and of itself restricting? If being hairless is less restricting then be hairless but if shaving your pubic area (or any area) becomes burdensome, aren’t you then “wearing clothes” like everyone else? Just a thought.


  3. rb

    People tend to groom that which is seen by others. We expose our faces and head hair daily, so we groom it. If you shave your legs, you may put it off during the winter, but not summer. If you are a naturist (I am) I think the general thought is that pubies should to be groomed along with your other exposed hair. I agree that shaving is bothersome. I suggest you try a grooming electric razor with a quarter inch lift or so. The curlies are gone, but it’s long enough to not have stubble. If you want to shape the edges, do it, it’s easy. I have a wet-proof version I use in the shower.



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