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Analyzing Cortana: What Does It Mean To Be Naked? Part 1

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Note: If you haven’t already, I recommend reading the post in the link before you read this post, just to have as much information as possible: Click Here For The Post

A friend of mine recently brought up a good point about Cortana’s appearance. Below are his words (I have edited them for the sake of clarity):

Eve in the Garden of Eden…. Yes, Cortana is like Eve. The innocence, the beauty — all portrayed by Cortana. So dressing Cortana up would mean that you’re trying to hide that beauty. Or, let’s put it this way — you’re trying to protect her real self, her true identity. Which is, in itself, a masterpiece. So I personally don’t think she should wear clothes.

If you have read the X-Men comics or even seen the movies, you get a better idea of Mystique, a mutant who is so reminiscent of Cortana. Mystique liked…

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Analyzing Cortana: What Does It Mean To Be Naked? Part 2

Catholic In The 21st Century

I have talked about why I think Cortana is naked, and why the developer’s chose to make her look that way.

Here are my two posts on the subject:

My Thoughts on Cortana’s Appearance in Halo 4

Analyzing Cortana: What Does It Mean To Be Naked? Part 1

But now I want to look at the subject of Cortana’s appearance from another perspective: Cortana herself. What I mean is, I want to analyze Cortana and find why she herself chooses to be naked. To do this, I will again be talking about Mystique. (This is the kind of subject that has no definitive answer, so all I can do is share what I myself think.)

Cortana and Mystique aren’t human. One is an A.I., the other is a mutant.

Cortana and Mystique are women. They have a feminine temperament, and a feminine body.

I think Cortana and Mystique are, for lack…

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My thoughts on Cortana’s appearance in Halo 5 (SPOILERS)

yes i am a cortana fanboy

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Note #1: This post contains SPOILERS.

Note #2: From previews that we have seen of Halo 5, we know that Cortana will have some role to play in the story. We know that, to some extent, she will be guiding Master Chief. For example: On the mission Blue Team, Chief ends up having a vision of Cortana, who tells him to go to the planet Meridian, and that the Reclamation is beginning. Other than that, we don’t know what else she will do in Halo 5. And since all we see of her in Blue Team is a silhouette, it was unknown, until now, if we would even really see Cortana — she what she looked like — in Halo 5. But now, thanks to IGN, we know that Cortana appears at least once in Halo 5. This post is me talking about how I feel about how she looks…

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Understanding the Female Body: The Female Body in Art

This a post that only a true Halo fan (like myself) could make. So yes i am reblogging this.

Catholic In The 21st Century

Note #1: The point of this post is to take a look at the female body — examples of how it is portrayed in popular culture, mythology, and ancient texts — and by doing so see the women themselves (and women in general) not as their individual, pleasure-inducing body parts, but as human beings. If anything I say angers or offends you, I’m sorry. That was not my intent. Let me know by commenting, and we can talk about it. Also: Please read the footnotes, too. They go into more detail on why I’m saying what I’m saying. Thank you.

Note #2: I am a Catholic. As a result, my thoughts on how the female body is portrayed in popular culture, mythology, and ancient texts, will be influenced by my Catholic faith. This post is me expressing my personal opinion. Your criticism and feedback is welcome: This is a complex…

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