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Over the last few weeks i have done very little with this blog.  I have been busy spiritually and physically these last few weeks.  But one thing stuck out in my mind and that was the fact that it is kind of lonely as a Naturist here in South Carolina.  Not because there are so few of us, but because there are no open Naturist events here.  The WNBR avoids this state every year.  I read about so many Naturist events on the many blogs i follow and never a mention of anything in South Carolina.  It makes me wonder whats going on.  Are there laws against any of these events happening.  Or do people think that South Carolina is too prudish to allow such things?  Maybe I’ll call the WNBR and ask them to come to my state one day.  It would be nice to have something like that here.

before joining a Naked bike ride

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7 Things to Know Before Joining a Naked Bike Ride

“They’re nude, not lewd—and they just might save the world. Here’s some advice for navigating your first clothing-optional cycling event.” –Elspeth Huyett

Saving the planet, promoting a healthy body image, being self sufficient—all are worthy goals that many organizations share. Many such groups raise money and host events to spread their message. Some also ride naked.

World Naked Bike Rides take place in 20 countries and 70 cities each year. Groups of as many as 8,000-plus nude or scantily clad cyclists pedal together to promote reduced oil dependency, local action, body confidence, and more. Think of them as racier versions of Critical Mass.

Like any group ride, there’s etiquette involved. These seven tips will put you on the path to a successful ride. It could be the most fun you’ve ever had naked.

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An interesting thread on 4chan

So i was cruising 4chan earlier today and i stumbled upon what looked like a naturist thread in /pol/ (Politically Incorrect), but sadly it wasn’t.  The two threads seemed to be complaining that the Fremont Solstice Parade was basically degeneracy (perversion) and it was a sign of the decline of the white race in general.  Stupid i know, but both threads had numerous pictures of the Nude Bike Ride that occurs during the event.  So i took some screen caps of the thread and here’s what I saw.

Now the two threads got deleted shortly afterwards.  Now you must also take into account that /pol/ is filled with racist morons who are basically perma-virgins looking for any excuse as to why they are failing in life.  So their opinions on Naturism are basically a joke.  But what caught my eye was the link that you can see in the picture.  The link goes to a blog site basically called “Stuff White People Like”.  I had no idea this was a thing now.  That we as Americans are still dividing such small things in our lives by race.  Now i can remember when music and cigarettes were divided by race back when i was a kid and in my 20’s, but i thought we had moved past that.  I guess not.

In the end i do not believe that Naturism is a ‘white thing’ as these pictures show its quite the opposite.  It may take time but i think blacks will get into Naturism over time with positive exposure to it.