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a verdict on the naked resturant

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I had lunch at London’s naked restaurant that has a waiting list of over 40,000 people — here’s the verdict

I’m not a naturist. I’ve never sunbathed topless or visited a nude beach. I don’t even walk around the gym changing room undressed.

And yet, here I am, sitting completely naked eating vegan food in a cubicle with two strangers somewhere in central London.

I’m at The Bunyadi, the city’s first nude pop-up restaurant that opens to the public today (Saturday, June 11).

Since the pop-up was announced in April, 46,000 people have applied for tickets, which cost £69 each. But The Bunyadi, open in a secret location for three months, only fits 42 people at a time.

The idea is that everything is naked – from the decor to the food, made with raw ingredients and cooked naturally. There’s no electricity and no phones.

It’s a place to “experience…

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All-female cast perform NUDE version of Shakespeare’s Tempest in Central Park

All-female cast perform NUDE version of Shakespeare’s Tempest in Central Park

  • Members of Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society put on production of Shakespeare’s Tempest
  • Play was designed to highlight the restrictions that society places on people’s bodies, according to the group
  • All-female cast performed show over two day on Summit Rock in Central Park as part of the outdoor theater season
  • Toplessness is legal everywhere in New York, and while full nudity is usually banned, it is allowed in the name of art

the Bathroom issue. Or the new Trangenderism and Naturism.

Transgender Child Banned From Using School Bathroom, Ignites Debate Over Anti-Discrimination Laws

Chicago schools say transgender kids should use bathrooms matching identity

So how long before we as naturists have to deal with this issue?  Think about it for a moment.  The children are one thing, but the adults are a whole different matter.

As you can see from the pictures what are we going to do about the Buck Sextons of the world?  Or the Genderqueer/genderfluid types who change their genders mentally as easily as people change their socks physically?

Now I figure the Naturists resorts, clubs, and vacation spots may have a good ten years before they have to deal with this, but i could be wrong.  As Naturism tends to be body positive and body acceptance.  How are we going to deal with the fat, ugly 47 year old guy with dirty long thinning hair who says that today he feels that he identifies as a female so he wants to use the female faculties and wants to participate in the ladies only events?  This self identity thing is going to cause a lot of trouble for us if we don’t get a handle on it quickly.

So how do we deal with these kinds of people who are literally less then one percent of the human population as a whole?  Do we just let them do as we please in naturist resorts?  Or do we prepare to kick them out, create rules and charters that will cause them to not come to naturist resorts?  The small private naturist clubs are the ones to most likely be hit with lawsuits and other such things that could cripple them.

So once again I ask us as Naturists.  What do we do about this issue?

Nudist Games: Olive Dell takes the trophy at SoCal Nude Games

Nudist Games: Olive Dell takes the trophy at SoCal Nude Games

For the past five years, the idea of a sports competition between the various naturist groups in Southern California has been steadily on the rise. This year, however, the day-long multi-club competition on August 8 at Olive Dell Ranch really captured the imagination of the region.

An estimated 75 people participated in the 10 events, representing several different clubs, and everyone – including the onlookers- seemed to have a good time as the “athletes” fought hard in games designed to test strength, endurance, and intelligence.

From the crowd reactions, the favorite games were the paper cup relay, the noodle race around the pool, Frisbee toss for accuracy, and the balloon toss.


world naked gardening day participant were exhibtionists and sex workers

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Exhibitionists bare all for daring nude photoshoots celebrating World Naked Gardening Day

Brave horticulturalists across the country are shedding their clothes to mark the festival, which takes place on the first Saturday of May and is celebrated by gardeners and non-gardeners alike.

Many have posed for cheeky photoshoots to mark the occasion, their modesty covered by a series of strategically-placed gardening tools and shubbery.

Among them was Essex sex worker and model Pippa-Lily, 27, who posed in nothing but a pair of trainers for an early morning shoot in her back garden.

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Naturist Farming in Wisconsin

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The Naturism of Rising Sun Farm in River Falls, WI

Disrobics’ may occur at any time of the day. Without clothes we can usually work comfortably in even the hottest weather. Practical advantages include absence of binding, sweat-soaked clothes, less laundry, and a lower risk of heat exhaustion. Even when hot, humid weather hits it can be quite joyful working nude when it would be miserable working clothed.”

Browne then goes on to say:

“Working as naturists with the soil, plants, and each other enables us to experience our connection to the earth and our interconnectedness with all life. Naked in nature, we transcend from observer to participant.”

Source: The Heavy Table

Curator’s note: Not sure if this is still happening a visit to the web site did not show any recent activity. If anyone knows if this farm is still in operation please let us know.

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