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Nude Camping: Why You Need to Try It ASAP

Nude Camping: Why You Need to Try It ASAP

Ahh, naked camping. The wind in your hair, the soft grass under your butt, the sun touching every inch of your body, and having a full area you can roam around and explore that’s not your private back yard.

For many naturists, this is the idea of pure bliss: what better way to celebrate your love of nature than to be surrounded by it, in your most natural state?

If you’re the kind of person that runs in the opposite direction when camping is mentioned, you might want to have a look through this list. Naturist camping might be one of the best things you could do this summer!

Another good article.

My Nude Space Challenge.

So how many of you have your own Nude Space?  That place you can go, be nude, enjoy being nude, and regain your inner peace, your center, etc.

Well when I was younger it used to be the YMCA, but for now I actually have a room that I go to.

So my ‘nude space’ has all the comforts of home in one room.  I just need to clean it a bit.  So show me some pics of your Nude Space in this new challenge.  I call it the Nude Space Challenge.