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Summer Naturism for me.

Before the big move i was going to spend more time in my back yard, in the nude.  But of course that plan is now a bust. I had also found a open gay naturist campsite online some time ago. Well i went to check the website link late yesterday and of course the website is down! Can’t find it anywhere. *sigh* it looks like this summer is a bust as well.

Some afterthoughts.

After looking at two articles that I recently reblogged; I thought back to my experience at Carolina Foothills.  I came to realize that I got a very good dose of what was described in both of those posts when i went there.  The feeling i got there at CF was somewhat stifling. I still remember how my guide answered a lot of my questions with a sense of distaste.  I remember her saying that a number of their members wanted to keep the fact that they were naturists a secret because of their public lives.  I may be wrong about this; but the feeling i got from the staff and people at Carolina Foothills was that new people weren’t wanted unless they fit a very specific criteria, i.e. straight and straight laced married, white couples in their 40’s or older, preferably with their children being grown, out of the house and not with them.

My experience and the feelings i got from that time has led me to the conclusion that there may be a number of naturist clubs like this.   The clubs are where people come to be naked and get away from the world.  They see these secluded little nude venues as escapes and as their private little place in the world; and that no one else should enter and disturb the peace they feel.  Believe me when i tell you that i understand those feelings, but it doesn’t help the club very much if new people are made to feel like outsiders unless they fit some stringent criteria.

I now wonder if people like this could be considered at true Naturists?  I doubt they are nude at home unless it’s in the shower.  But i am not being judgmental, just wondering about these.  Are resorts that are much more open and well known, more welcoming of people.  Or is it just because its in the South and people are still so prudish.  I doubt i”ll find a answer any time soon.

Nude Hike: Nantahala National Forest

On Tuesday of this week i went on my first Naturist hike with a group. Nantahala National Forest was where we decided to do a 10 mile hike and we started around 11 A.M.. I thought it would be a piece of cake for me but in less then a mile i was so winded and tired that I had to stop. NO ONE TOLD ME WE’D BE HIKING UP A FREAKING MOUNTAIN!!! Suffice to say, i elected to turn back so the others could continue their hike in peace and at the pace they had set.  I was truly embarrassed but i knew that i couldn’t keep up with the others who were all seasoned hikers.

After about 20 minutes of rest my pride and determination got to me and i decided to continue on my own at my pace. I surprisingly made it 2 more miles before i had to turn back. I could have gone on much further but i knew that if i didn’t turn back at that point i might miss meeting up with the group when they came back down from the mountain. So i turned back, deciding that I would take pictures on the way.

The pictures truly don’t do justice to the area.  It is very beautiful and peaceful.  My trip down the mountain was quite enjoyable as the wind blew and i could feel the cool wind on my skin.  I was nude going up the mountain and going all the way back down to the river where we first started and it felt great.

I actually squatted in the river for a few minutes to clean my rear end off because after sitting on the trail times my butt crack had leaves and dirt all over it.  I was not going to put back on my shorts without a quick wash up.  As soon as i had finished putting on my shorts I heard someone behind, a family of four out to take pictures on the trail.  I was glad i had my clothes back on at this point.  Even though there is no federal statue or ordinance about being nude on Federal land, we had decided to be respectful and try to remain clothed near the entrance to the trail so as not to upset any families.

After I rested for a few minutes i decided to walk some more to keep myself entertained so i decided to follow the trail to a scenic waterfall called Laurel Falls.  I figured the family i had seen earlier had went that way so i decided to stay clothed.

Laurel Falls was a beautiful scene, even though i had to walk a mile to get to it.  I also caught up with the family i had seen earlier and talked with them for a bit.  After a few pictures we all walked back to the entrance to the trail and they left.

After the walk to the falls i was exhausted, hot, and kinda miserable so i sat down near the road and rested for almost a hour before once more i decided to do something with what i felt would be the last hour before the group returned and we left.  So i decided to check out the camp site i had heard one of the guys mention.  As you can see from the pictures above it was a nice, kind of isolated spot so I sat down and disrobed and spent the last hour naked before the guys returned.

When everyone came back we decided to drink a beer and check out the river a bit.  The beer tasted pretty good and we ended up laughing, joking and taking pictures of the river and each other.

After the fun and games we returned to the hotel, showered, and went to eat at a Mexican restaurant.  After that we sat around the hotel room naked and shot the shit for a few hours.  With one of the guys taking a few pictures of me sitting smiling.  He used my camera of course.

So around 12 A.M. we all went to our rooms and crashed for the night, saying our good byes that night because i knew i was going home in the morning.  I went with two of the guys to Hardee’s for breakfast the next morning and then I headed home.




Nudist Games: Olive Dell takes the trophy at SoCal Nude Games

Nudist Games: Olive Dell takes the trophy at SoCal Nude Games

For the past five years, the idea of a sports competition between the various naturist groups in Southern California has been steadily on the rise. This year, however, the day-long multi-club competition on August 8 at Olive Dell Ranch really captured the imagination of the region.

An estimated 75 people participated in the 10 events, representing several different clubs, and everyone – including the onlookers- seemed to have a good time as the “athletes” fought hard in games designed to test strength, endurance, and intelligence.

From the crowd reactions, the favorite games were the paper cup relay, the noodle race around the pool, Frisbee toss for accuracy, and the balloon toss.


My Second Nude Walk in the Woods.

For my second Nude walk in the woods i decided to get down to brass tacks.  No fanny pack, just me, my clothes, a mp3 player, my car keys and one e-cig.  And most of all, no grand expectations.

Its amazing how good walking can feel when you are in a good mood, and the weather is nice enough.  I had to wait almost 3 weeks before i could go on another nude walk due to the weather suddenly becoming cold again.  Suffice to say i was wondering how long i would have to wait, when the opportunity presented itself just 3 days ago.

This time when i went for a walk it was very different.  I knew the trail, i knew where I wanted to go and how far to walk.  This walk was a lot more fun and i felt great.  The air on my skin felt wonderful and i felt a grand sense of freedom.  But alas it was not to last.  I completed my nude walk in about 40 minutes and decided to head back to my car and home.

But there is something that this nude walk helped me realize.  I need to walk for my true health, nude or not I need to try to walk every day.  I know that won’t be easy with work and all, but one of my plans is to get some kind of gym membership.  I have diabetes and high blood pressure.  So much of my health problems would go away if i just exercised and lost some more weight.  So while i may go on a few more nude walks.  I think i will focus on getting healthy, not nude in the course of getting some exercise.

My First Nude Walk in the Woods.

So some of you may be wondering why i didn’t write about the first nude walk in the woods that i took earlier.  To be honest it was something of a pyrrhic achievement.  The problem with first walk was the fact that i had not vetted the trail completely.  I was nervous, and i had a negative state of mind due to having a lot going on at the time.

Let me explain the trail in some detail so you can understand what was going on.  Basically the trail is set in a patch of woods that used to be a swamp.  You can access the trail via a off ramp road from the highway.  The trail runs in one big loop with intersecting trails that join on side of the loop to the other or lead to another section on one side.  Being within the trail itself the tail seems to be very large and even something of a maze.  But if you walk the whole thing just once you realize its relatively small, not even 2 miles of walking in total.  On the right of the trail is the highway that you would usually travel.  No one can really see you from the highway or road because of elevation and distance.  On the left side of the loop is a series of apartments, a hospice, and the back yards of some houses that are part of a old subdivision.  On this side also the trees thin out quite well and you could be plainly seen if someone was looking.

I did not realize all this during my first walk so i was fraught with worry and quickly putting back on my clothes as i walked the left side of the trail.  To make matters worse i was wearing a fanny pack with just about everything i could carry in it.  And i had foolishly worn a pair of soft but very comfortable shoes.  The shoes did not give much protection to my toes so whenever i stubbed my foot on a tree root it kind of stung.  The whole walk was very clumsy and kind of misery inducing.  By the time i made it back to my car i wasn’t sure if i wanted to write about my experience, repeat it, or even think about it.

After thinking about my first walk for a day or two i decided i would go back to the trail a second time.  I realized that I had walked the trail with too many expectations, too much equipment, and too much negativity in my mind.  I had expected a lot out of myself and the walk as well.  I was unprepared and over prepared in some other ways.  I decided that my next walk would be different.