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Stolen Innocence.

Well today i was checking around a few places that i follow and i saw a picture so i clicked on a link.  Which lead me to another link, and to another link which lead me to a quasi porn site on Tumblr.

Now i used to blame the porn industry for this, but now i realize i may need to apologize to said industry.  This isn’t the porn industry that is doing this.  Its normal every day people who are taking the pictures we post on Tumblr or WordPress, or where ever and putting them on their softcore porn blogs.  Sometimes with credit links, sometimes without.  Then said picture gets linked or reblogged to at least 50 plus Tumblr sites in a matter of hours or days.

Now the picture was from Naturist Fab’s tumblr page, and after i did some investigation at least 20 other sites had reblogged his innocent picture.  The tumblr site that originally stole the picture is called “The Naturist Guys”.  The site is splattered with pictures from numerous naturist sites and tumblrs as well as obvious pictures of gay male porn.  So its become obvious now that Tumblr is a major threat to our privacy as nudists.  I just want to advise everyone to be careful and i may add more to this post, but i am pressed for time because as i write this i need to leave for work.  But one last thing.

On a much more personal note I will say that i am not trying to shame NF in any form or fashion.  I almost posted the link to The Naturist Guys tumblr page and the picture they stole.  But i felt that my friend NF had been abused enough so i decided not to do so.  To be honest i rarely visit blog because i can get everything through my WP reader.  And i had no idea he had a tumblr page until this morning.  Sorry NF.  I hope i haven’t caused you any trouble.  I just wanted to make you and others aware of the threats we face via the growing stupidity of pervs and morons on the internet.

Losing control of my image, 7 lessons from 2015

This issue of losing control of the images you post online is something that nearly every one of us in the nudist persuasion is going to have to deal with.  I’ve been online since online came to exist and I can tell you that anytime you post a picture of yourself in the nude then you can expect the picture to be downloaded, saved and maybe spread around.

A good example.  A group of pictures that have been spread around for years about a incestuous family who took pictures together.  But you look at the pictures themselves and it tells a different story.  The pictures are of a naturist family who agreed to pose in the nude together showing themselves as a family.  Nothing erotic at all.  The pictures where basically comparisons in size and facial structure.  Showing how much the son looks like his father and his mother combined.  And yet this collection of pictures is literally on numerous sites tagged as incest.

I’ve seen numerous photos from naturist sites placed on obvious porn sites tagged as anything from lesbian to incest.  Some sites are just up front with the whole deal and say they took the pictures from the web and are now displaying them for your viewing pleasure.  Or they claim that real amateurs sent in the pictures.

In the end this is not to discourage we nudists from posting our positive lifestyle on the Internet.  In fact we need to do so, so we can show how positive Naturism is as a whole.  If nothing else this reblog is just a bit of education for those of us who are online as naturists.  So we can understand what we are getting into before we click that button that posts a picture of us on the web.

walking with freedom

At the end of 2013 I first wrote about losing control of my image as being one of the hazards of participation in nude events in public. It was a little tongue in cheek as I hardly have an image to lose control of, but it did raise some serious issues as well.

I am revisiting the subject again looking back on 2015, a year when in retrospect I think I could have done rather more in this direction. After all, one naked walk, one naked bike ride and one naked visit to an art exhibition could seem a bit of a damp squib, but I am aware that for many this could be considered the height of (mis)adventure.

Thinking of a specific photographic image, control has two aspects, control of what is captured, and control of who gets to see it. Clothed or unclothed, if you are in a…

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