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A prayer for nudists during Lent

Catholic In The 21st Century

Because of the positive feedback that my previous post, Thoughts on Ash Wednesday, got, I decided to write a follow-up post.

Below is a prayer I wrote for nudists during Lent. The prayer is written from the perspective of a man, but change a few of the words around and the prayer could work for women, too. As always, feedback is welcome. Thank you for reading it.

Here it is:

God, in the perfect world you created, it was your will that mankind be naked without shame.

You created me.

I come before you, naked.

Please see me, and love me, for all that I am.

Don’t just see my body.

See my heart.

See my mind.

See my soul.

See the deepest desires of my heart.

[Say what your deepest desires are.]

See my most horrifying pains.

[Say what your biggest regrets, fears, and most traumatic events in…

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Nakedness A Sin? Perspective

Damnit you beat me to it CFL! 🙂 Well i guess i have to reblog this one instead of writing a post myself. It would seem redundant if i wrote a post about this.

Formerly clothes free life visit our new home

Is it a Sin to Be Naked?

It seems like nudity remained completely kosher based on the pre-Fall world, and God didn’t insist they cover themselves before giving them a complete teardown. In fact, it almost seems like His provision of garments was a last-minute afterthought before He had the sword-wielding bouncer show them the door.

Yet despite the clear implications of this primordial story, Christians today still often think and teach that nudity itself is inherently sinful and shameful. Should I feel conviction and the need for repentance every time I shower or make love to my wife or go to the doctor? And from where does this belief system originate?

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Curator’s note: Excited to see that Christians are beginning to take another look at the the church line on the clothes free body as negative. This is how any potential change will need to occur…

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