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#nudism as told by two women

Naked and Happy

tn5One of the recurring themes on naturists forums is the, somehow, lack of women. It’s sometimes true there are more men than women interested by naturism, online. On nude beaches or nudist resorts, I still feel women are well represented and parity is almost perfect. Now, when you discuss nudism with women and men, women are generally less enthusiast to try. They may feel less secure, more vulnerable. So when other women share their experience about nudism, it’s the kind of information worth spreading.

The first story comes from Kimberlee, who shares her experience at the Caliente Resort in Florida. Kimberlee shares how she moved from body shame to body acceptance by getting naked. As she said to get over her body shame, “I gave myself a challenge to go to a clothing optional resort”. I love the way she shares how people are just behaving normally while naked:…

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New guidelines in the UK could mean that we’ll be seeing more GENITALS on TV as of next year


THE BBFC has carried out market research on nudity in TV.

We could be seeing a lot more skin from our favourite stars of TV and film as full-frontal nudity could soon be heading to our screens.

Market research has been carried out by the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) about a number of issues on British TV.

The results on the research means that we could be seeing a lot more nudity on our screens starting next year – more specifically, erect penis’.

According to the BBFC boss David Austin, Brits are becoming a lot more relaxed about seeing full-frontal nudity in movies and on TV and we could see a lot more erections from 2019.

Speaking to Radio 4, he said: “These days if you have an erection on screen, the issue is is it a 15 level erection or an 18 level erection.

“We’ve been consulting…

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Issues with sex-positive nudism: An opinion from Nudistworld3

Naturist Fab


Found this interesting Blog on Tumblr today and thought I would share.  I truly felt what the author was conveying regarding issues so many naturists have in promoting nudity in a positive non-sexual way.

Be Free and Naked


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Naked Drawings from February 4, 2018 – Men’s Naked Drawing Group

Naturist Fab

This was the first time I had a one on one drawing and painting session at a model’s home.

I have known Tom for four years and he modelled for the Men’s Naked Drawing Group on several occasions.  With winter, it is never easy to get everyone together due to the uncertainty of the weather and he invited our group in December to use his space in his home to cut the costs of renting a room at the Community Centre.  Unfortunately, due to the holidays, we could not get together then.

Since I’ve been drawing the cartoon The Secret Life of a Naturist for Clothesfreelife I needed to hone my sketching skills so I emailed Tom last week and asked if he was ok if I went over on Sunday afternoon to sketch and perhaps paint. He said that would be fine.

Sunday arrived and thankfully the weather cooperated…

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Nudist idea #77: Read a good book naked

Naked and Happy

I personally love to read. Fiction, non fiction, classic, new, many books are fascinating. Sitting on a couch, on a towel on a beach or on a lounge chair in the garden, reading transport you in another world. Whatever the book, there’s one constant, reading naked is always a more pleasant activity.

Image result for reading naked

Reading is listed by Cosmopolitan as one of the 30 things you have to do naked. Nudity brings this calm, quietness and serenity that is required to be fully absorbed by the book you read. And what is more comfortable than you own skin.

Reading is a still activity. This means that you should be comfortable, physically. The temperature needs to be warm so you will not chiver, otherwise you are not in the best situation. Image result for reading naked outsideThis comfort is the reason you should always be naked when reading. You need to find a place that is cozy…

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