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Cold comforts during the chill of Winter.

Now as a Naturist i have to contend with cold like everyone else.  The big problem i have is that its expensive to deal with for me.  My house is drafty and its heated by gas heaters so just a few days of using them constantly can get pretty expensive, not to mention the walls start to sweat.  So i have been stuck wearing pajamas and anything comfy i can find, and even surprising myself i have found these clothes to be quite comfy and even enjoyable.  While i still find myself being nude whenever possible, such as now when its been 75 degrees much of the day.  when night rolls around it can get cold quickly in the house and i have to decide to whether to put my comfy clothes on, try to sweat it out (pun intended) or crank up the heat and have a expensive bill next month.  Usually i go for the clothes, besides I sleep better when its cold.

Well to all my naturist brothers and sisters i wish you a safe and happy remaining winter.

Fashion warning.

So i know a number of people have seen this post on my blog: Winter Fashion and Warmth for the At Home Nudist.  I want to issue a warning about the tread, or hospital socks.  I went to a medial store in my home town and spent about 9 dollars on this:


As you can see the tread quickly wore off only after two hours of wearing them and the white stuff got scattered all over the place. And while they were comfy the fact that the tread wore off so quickly was a real downer for me and a mess to clean up.  So a quick word to all who view my blog just get a few pairs of thermal socks.  They’re much cheaper.