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Cold, Cold. Brrrr.

yeah it is cold out there.  And per usual i will be speaking about the difficulty to balance staying warm and staying nude at home and maybe outdoors.  I’m somewhat lucky in that I am on the Equal Payment Plan in my duplex apartment.  So yeah i can run my heat pretty high, usually up to 74 degrees, and my electric bill isn’t over $100.  But the problem is that at the end of every fiscal year my bill goes up dramatically and sometimes i end up having to pay a overuse fee.  Which is the best way I know how to put it.  So i often find myself wearing my usual pajamas and a t-shirt or just a pair of thermal socks.

If nothing else i have to wear some kind of socks now because my feet get cold and stay cold.  I guess it may be because of my diabetes, but for weeks i was dealing with my feet being so cold that when i got in the bed to sleep my feet would remain cold during the night, to the point where it was very uncomfortable and i had to place a comforter at the foot of the bed in order to keep my feet warm.  Trying to remain comfortable and enjoy being nude at home is a lot of hard work it seems.

Nudist Idea #13: Hang a Clothing-Optional sign

Naked and Happy

NoticeOne of the best ways to increase nude time and our nudist friends is of course to let acquaintances know that you are a naturist. For many reasons, it’s not always possible to shout out loud that we are naturist and we want to spend more time naked. We have seen in previous ideas how to leave traces of our nudism, like leaving our naturist publications openly on our coffee table.

Image result for clothing optional signAnother way is to hang a clothing optional sign next to your door, to your swimming pool if you have one or in your lounge. You will find those signs available on Internet. Just go to Amazon, look for “Clothing Optional Sign” and you have tons of options to chose from, including metal and wooden panels, some being really nice.

I particularly like the Notice sign (the one above), indicating that nudists may be see beyond this point…

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Cold comforts during the chill of Winter.

Now as a Naturist i have to contend with cold like everyone else.  The big problem i have is that its expensive to deal with for me.  My house is drafty and its heated by gas heaters so just a few days of using them constantly can get pretty expensive, not to mention the walls start to sweat.  So i have been stuck wearing pajamas and anything comfy i can find, and even surprising myself i have found these clothes to be quite comfy and even enjoyable.  While i still find myself being nude whenever possible, such as now when its been 75 degrees much of the day.  when night rolls around it can get cold quickly in the house and i have to decide to whether to put my comfy clothes on, try to sweat it out (pun intended) or crank up the heat and have a expensive bill next month.  Usually i go for the clothes, besides I sleep better when its cold.

Well to all my naturist brothers and sisters i wish you a safe and happy remaining winter.

A question I ask myself.

The question is, “Am i truly a naturist?”  I know I can say that I am a At-Home-Naturist, but as a naturist shouldn’t i have visited a naturist resort at some point over the last 18 years?  Yet i never have.  I could claim that money and time was the major problem.  But to be honest i just forgot about it.  And whenever i thought i about visiting one i was usually short on time or gas or money, so i put it off another month or year.  So now, this year i have a chance to visit a naturist resort and I am at least going to visit and see what this one that is close to where i live looks like.  Then from there i will decide if i want to spend a day or weekend there.  Then i can finally answer the question, “Am i truly a Naturist?”

african american woman vlogs it’s ok to be naked europeans perverted nudity

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curator’s note I challenge viewers of European descent to watch the complete video before jumping to knee jerk defense responses about the vlogger’s point. If there is to be greater acceptance and diversity among naturists there needs to be greater transparency more openness to non Europeans perspectives.

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My body confidence and AS article in NAKd.life magazine


Here is a link to my article published in the March 2016 edition of NAKd.life magazine on my naturist life, my health condition Ankylosing Spondylitis and how being a naturist has helped with body confidence issues.

NAKd.life magazine March 2016 edition

Link and article: courtesy NAKd.life magazine.

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My Nudist Year Resolutions

Okay i know I’m really late with this but better late then never.

So I have some New Years resolutions for my life as a naturist, and here they are:

  1. Visit a naturist resort at least once this year.  And by visit i mean actually stay for a few hours or a whole weekend.
  2. Be outside more in the nude.  It may be a little dangerous to do so with neighbors all around, so maybe at night.
  3. Post more to this blog.
  4. do more nude photography.
  5. meet some more nudist like myself.


So that’s the list for right now.  Maybe I’ll add on some more if i think of any.