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When was nudity ever legal in America?

When was Nudity ever legal in America? 

I found the above link in my twitter feed.   Here’s a snippet:

It was legal from 1926 to 1962.

Many naysayers are going to be upset at you for opening this can of worms. But if you insist, I will give you a true history lesson.

In 1926, the American Public Health Association created a policy that men should swim nude and women should swim in swimsuits in high schools, and public pools and lakes. The reason is because the swimsuits for males at that time apparently caused health problems and it kept pool filters clean if people swam nude. In the 1930s girls held a protest that it was unfair for girls to have to wear swimsuits while boys swam nude. In 1937 the Administration of Health and Physical Recreation and the American Public Health Association stated that “in a few schools girls may swim nude and this is most sanitary”. Thus began public nudity legalization at public schools, and swimming areas.

An interesting story.


Breasts, race and diversity


Epic Insta Anthony teaching me to drum, DuPont Circle, Washington D.C., Summer 2015

I walk bare-chested because it makes me feel free, happy and empowered.

I want people to see this in my demeanor so they associate bare breasts with health and contentment.

I’ve been having a fascinating, on-going conversation with a multiracial social group about race and language.  It has me thinking a lot about race and breasts.  Equality, after all, means equality.  All forms.  All fronts.

Thinking back, I have had a far stronger positive response from people of color than from white people.  A Pakistani couple in D.C. once stopped me to take pictures and ask questions.  They were very nice and highly intelligent.  They voiced strong support and we had a fascinating conversation about freedom.

African-American men have universally been polite, respectful and supportive.  They have also expressed a lot of curiosity about how I have been treated both…

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