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Naturism vs. Nudism.

I have to admit this topic has been on my mind a few times, but i avoided writing about it because the logistics of it kind of drove me nuts.

I have been thinking about the more or less complex definition of the Naturist, the Nudist, and Naturism and Nudism.

The way i am beginning to see it is that Naturism is much more of a lifestyle, a choice, something that truly helps to define a part of the Naturalist’s personality and being.  While the Naturist does not abhor or hate clothing, they believe that clothes are not part of the natural state of the human being and so therefore they should not be used or needed unless the temperature or environment calls for it. The Naturist believes being nude allows for freedom of one’s self, one’s body, and one’s mind.  That to be nude invites healing one’s self and promotes heath.  Naturism calls for a commitment in many ways, but does not demand.  The Naturist lifestyle can be returned to whenever one chooses. Naturism is not a cult nor does it worship the Sun or the human form.  Naturism is apolitical and generally doesn’t choose sides.  Although it will support legislation that would allow for the Naturist to be in the nude the public.  Naturism is non-sexual, but it not prudish or hateful of sex.

Nudism is different in my opinion.  Nudism is personal and in many ways private.  The nudist prefers his/her nakedness to be more of a private affair.  Many Nudists are at-home Nudists.  They usually do not wear clothes are home, but will remained clothed when company comes over.  While Nudists do visit naturist resorts they go mainly to express their nakedness in a more public setting.  They generally do not have a desire to become members or regular visitors to any clothing optional resort.  The Nudist generally has no problem wearing clothes and see the wearing of textiles as just a normal part of life.  While clothing is still considered optional, it is also something of a necessity.   Nudists often mix their being nude with politics and social movements.  They support a cause if it seems to portray the nude form as something good and normal.  Often the nudist may link Nudism with social justice causes.  The Nudist is often very shy about his/her nudeness and generally would not share that they are nude at home even with close family and friends.  The reason for this is the social stigma that comes with being nude in a open or public setting.  The Nudist fears being shunned by others even for being nude at home.


Now all of this is just my opinion on the difference between Naturism and Nudism.  I am not stating that anyone is one or the other.

Cold comforts during the chill of Winter.

Now as a Naturist i have to contend with cold like everyone else.  The big problem i have is that its expensive to deal with for me.  My house is drafty and its heated by gas heaters so just a few days of using them constantly can get pretty expensive, not to mention the walls start to sweat.  So i have been stuck wearing pajamas and anything comfy i can find, and even surprising myself i have found these clothes to be quite comfy and even enjoyable.  While i still find myself being nude whenever possible, such as now when its been 75 degrees much of the day.  when night rolls around it can get cold quickly in the house and i have to decide to whether to put my comfy clothes on, try to sweat it out (pun intended) or crank up the heat and have a expensive bill next month.  Usually i go for the clothes, besides I sleep better when its cold.

Well to all my naturist brothers and sisters i wish you a safe and happy remaining winter.

A nudist tells why she loves being nude — The Shaven Circumcised Nudist Life

Originally posted on All Nudist: Cherie Lidbury talks about how she feels more comfortable without clothes. Source: A nudist tells why she loves being nude

via A nudist tells why she loves being nude — The Shaven Circumcised Nudist Life

Some afterthoughts.

After looking at two articles that I recently reblogged; I thought back to my experience at Carolina Foothills.  I came to realize that I got a very good dose of what was described in both of those posts when i went there.  The feeling i got there at CF was somewhat stifling. I still remember how my guide answered a lot of my questions with a sense of distaste.  I remember her saying that a number of their members wanted to keep the fact that they were naturists a secret because of their public lives.  I may be wrong about this; but the feeling i got from the staff and people at Carolina Foothills was that new people weren’t wanted unless they fit a very specific criteria, i.e. straight and straight laced married, white couples in their 40’s or older, preferably with their children being grown, out of the house and not with them.

My experience and the feelings i got from that time has led me to the conclusion that there may be a number of naturist clubs like this.   The clubs are where people come to be naked and get away from the world.  They see these secluded little nude venues as escapes and as their private little place in the world; and that no one else should enter and disturb the peace they feel.  Believe me when i tell you that i understand those feelings, but it doesn’t help the club very much if new people are made to feel like outsiders unless they fit some stringent criteria.

I now wonder if people like this could be considered at true Naturists?  I doubt they are nude at home unless it’s in the shower.  But i am not being judgmental, just wondering about these.  Are resorts that are much more open and well known, more welcoming of people.  Or is it just because its in the South and people are still so prudish.  I doubt i”ll find a answer any time soon.

My Visit to Carolina Foothills Resort


So yes I finally visited a Naturist resort.  I drove about 45 minutes from my house to get there.  And to be honest the area was familiar territory.  So i pulled up to the gate and it was open so i drove on in.  The place looked very different from what i could remember from almost 20 years ago, so i immediately became nervous, wondering if things had changed a lot or if i was in the wrong spot.

I made it to the front office and decided to speak with the manager.  Jeannie seemed surprised to see me.  After speaking with her for a few minutes i immediately got the impression that they would rather people come calling when invited or if they call in ahead of time.  Which to be honest, did not help me feel welcome.  I was given a quick tour of the place and it seemed very nice indeed.  I knew i would have enjoyed my time there.  They made a strong point though that they preferred heterosexual couple to come there.  And when i asked if they were LBGT friendly Jessica, my tour guide, said yes but stressed that they did not allow LBGT couples to show any signs of affection.  To be honest the whole vibe i got from that part of our conversation was that while CFR allowed gays to enter and stay, they really only wanted straight people there.  Such is the South I guess.

So after the tour they told me i could stay for 30 more minutes and disrobe if i wished to.  I agreed to that and gave them my license and signed a guest registration form.  At that time i had decided that i would like to come back one day soon and stay for a whole day  since the prices were cheap.  I would never get that chance.

I spent about 7 minutes in the nude before one of the guests who also act as security told me i had to leave.  I had done nothing wrong, and i won’t go into the reason they gave me for having to leave, but they made it plain and clear that they did not want me there and i was told never to return.

I didn’t raise a fuss or a stink, I simply went back to my car got dressed, and left with something of a heavy heart.  Since CFR is affiliated with the AANR i doubt I’ll be able to go to any other naturist resort for the rest of my life.  And yes i feel angry and somewhat upset about it all.

But in many ways at least i fulfilled one thing on my bucket list and now i don’t have to worry about the cost of visiting a Naturist resort.  I would recommend Carolina Foothills Resort to other people, but suffice to say, even if i was offered a chance to return, i doubt i would go.  I would hate to go and have people staring at me as if i was some kind of alien.

Well that’s all there is to it.  I am a at home naturist for life i guess.  I feel as if i seriously need to reconsider keeping this blog going though.  It seems useless now.