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I Refuse to Make my Kids Ashamed of Their Bodies so We’re a Naked Household!

I think the title says it all!

I Refuse to Make my Kids Ashamed of their Bodies So We’re a Naked Household

Other times, he would pounce in ready to tell me about the random thoughts that were racing through his big toddler mind.

I was always naked and both of us were comfortable with this.

In fact, all these years later we are still comfortable with our nudity.

Our whole family seems to be comfortable with nudity.

We change in front of each other, often share a stall in the family change room at the pool and shower with the bathroom door open.

Nude Camping: Why You Need to Try It ASAP

Nude Camping: Why You Need to Try It ASAP

Ahh, naked camping. The wind in your hair, the soft grass under your butt, the sun touching every inch of your body, and having a full area you can roam around and explore that’s not your private back yard.

For many naturists, this is the idea of pure bliss: what better way to celebrate your love of nature than to be surrounded by it, in your most natural state?

If you’re the kind of person that runs in the opposite direction when camping is mentioned, you might want to have a look through this list. Naturist camping might be one of the best things you could do this summer!

Another good article.

Nude #WeTheNipple Art Action at Facebook Headquarters Calls Out Censorship

Nude protest outside of Facebook headquarters!

At sunrise on Sunday, June 2, 2019, 125 people posed nude in front of Facebook and Instagram’s New York City headquarters at Astor Place to challenge social media censorship. In collaboration with the National Coalition Against Censorship, artist Spencer Tunick created a photographic artwork as part of their #WeTheNipple campaign.

A nudist tells why she loves being nude — The Shaven Circumcised Nudist Life

Originally posted on All Nudist: Cherie Lidbury talks about how she feels more comfortable without clothes. Source: A nudist tells why she loves being nude

via A nudist tells why she loves being nude — The Shaven Circumcised Nudist Life


Over the last few weeks i have done very little with this blog.  I have been busy spiritually and physically these last few weeks.  But one thing stuck out in my mind and that was the fact that it is kind of lonely as a Naturist here in South Carolina.  Not because there are so few of us, but because there are no open Naturist events here.  The WNBR avoids this state every year.  I read about so many Naturist events on the many blogs i follow and never a mention of anything in South Carolina.  It makes me wonder whats going on.  Are there laws against any of these events happening.  Or do people think that South Carolina is too prudish to allow such things?  Maybe I’ll call the WNBR and ask them to come to my state one day.  It would be nice to have something like that here.

Sexy centerfolds are NOT about Nudism Advocacy!

Always be careful to check if the person posting nude is actually advocating nudism, or nudity.  But yeah sexy centerfolds are not nude advocacy.

Clothing Optional

Hey friends,

You know what drives me bonkers on social media? I see so many people out there who claim to advocate nudism and be nudists, but yet I also see so many of them who mostly display a lot of centerfold models, if you know what I mean. Like the kind you’d find on nude centerfolds in magazines like Playboy or Playgirl. The hottest chicks who have the most flawless bodies, greatest tans, the most perfect breasts, you name it. Or the most toned, muscular and sexiest looking studs–you know what I’m talking about. I seriously don’t understand why some people display these as ways to advocate nudism–the way I see it, these pictures seem to give the exact opposite message of what our way of life is about.

These pictures of course are part of magazines that are meant to activate the sexual impulses–obviously these magazines were not…

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Newbies guide to nudism: 9 good reasons to become a nudist, from @nudistcultureEx

I like this article!

Naked and Happy

Another great article on nudism by Larry Darter. On this third post of the Newbies guide to nudism series. following the Introduction to Nudism and the History of contemporary nudism, Larry goes over the following 9 reasons to move from the textile world to the nude one:

  1. Stress relief
  2. Positive self-esteem
  3. Positive body image
  4. Healthful benefits of exposure to sunlight
  5. Increased fitness
  6. Better sleep
  7. Higher social functioning
  8. A sense of belonging
  9. Authentic communication

As Larry agrees at the end of the post, there are lots of other reasons to become a nudist, and he stuck to those for the sake of keeping his post not too long. The whole series is a great read and I encourage to point it to your non nudist friend. It’s a great way to have an ice-breaker conversation on nudism and allow the idea to sink in the minds of your…

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