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Going Commando.

Just found a couple of funny articles about females going commando so I thought i would post them.

I Go Commando And So Can You: 14 Times No Underwear Is The Best Option

No Panties, No Problems: 11 Reasons Why Women Should Go Commando

I do support men and women going commando.  But i also understand the risks involved.  But as a Naturist I do see going without underwear as a mark of who we are.  We are people who do not want to wear clothes or feel that closes are a 24-hr necessity.  So going commando reaffirms our beliefs in a manner of speaking, or maybe showing or not showing.  Either way its up to you, but i enjoy going commando on the daily.

Oh and here are some links to some interesting shirts:



Fashion warning.

So i know a number of people have seen this post on my blog: Winter Fashion and Warmth for the At Home Nudist.  I want to issue a warning about the tread, or hospital socks.  I went to a medial store in my home town and spent about 9 dollars on this:


As you can see the tread quickly wore off only after two hours of wearing them and the white stuff got scattered all over the place. And while they were comfy the fact that the tread wore off so quickly was a real downer for me and a mess to clean up.  So a quick word to all who view my blog just get a few pairs of thermal socks.  They’re much cheaper.