Ugly Nudity.

I have to admit what inspired me to write this was a post on 4chan in response to a picture of average good-looking woman in the nude.  The said he was surprised at how ugly people look in the nude:


My first desire was to lash out at the person and chew them out for what they said.  But then i thought about it, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and we all have a right to our opinion about what we consider to be beautiful and what we consider to be ugly.  So lashing out at the guy would have been improper.  Instead I could just simply state my opinion that I thought he was wrong.  But what happened was I started thinking about beauty in general.

Montalivet-les-Bains-13-SZYDLOWSKI 2000987425

So who wants to see some 80 yr old woman in the nude?  Does anyone want to see a fat, 60 year old man who genitalia looks like it got lost in the blubber?  Let’s just be honest, no most of us do not.  Because we as humans have defined beauty as youth and fit bodies, and that has a tendency to be portrayed in the pictures we generally show of nudity and nudism in general.

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Now don’t get me wrong I’m not going to chew anyone out for having fit, young bodies in their advertisements for resorts or in pictures on their blogs.  One instance is for business the other is a personal preference.  And while beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so is ugliness.  The thing about beauty is that there are two types of beauty:


First there is Sexual Beauty or it also be called Attracting Beauty.  This form of beauty is pleasing to the eye and most people also find it sexually attractive.  Its part of the way we are built as humans, so we cannot look at it as bad because God instilled it in us for the sake of helping us procreate.

3tg63BY - ImgurThe next form of beauty is Natural Beauty.  It is the beauty that only Nature herself and God can make.  Mankind cannot create it, only destroy it.  Such beauty is timeless and there for the general appreciation of all Humanity.

So then what am I getting at with this post.  What I’m trying to say is that we as Naturist must not have “Body Acceptance” but we must obtain “Body Contentment”.  Think of “Body Contentment” as the enlightened form of “Body Acceptance”.  In Body Contentment” we are content that there are certain things about our bodies that we cannot change, and that these things make us less physically appealing to the naked eye.  We accept this ugliness as part of who we are and how God made us.

579607350 tumblr_mf0ej5k1eV1rmc7a1o1_1280

Think of Body Contentment in the form of the fat, 86 year old naked woman.  Why is she content with her looks?  She is content because she has lived long enough to look the way she looks now.  The woman knows that she is lucky to have lived to see 86 years.  She sees her current body as something she has earned and is glad in it.

What we should strive for as Nudists is Body Contentment in the now, not wait until we are too old and are somewhat forced to do so.  Being content is in many ways better then being happy.  In contentment we can find happiness in so many other things beyond ourselves.  Such as the 86 yr old woman finds happiness in her great grandchildren, not in her looks.  If we can reach the stage of Body Contentment then i believe we’ll all be a lot happier with ourselves whether we are nude or clothed.

Just my two cents for now.

(sorry about some of the pictures.  I know they may gross some people out and such)

8 thoughts on “Ugly Nudity.

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  2. jochanaan1

    One thing about actually doing naturism, as opposed to merely reading about it, is that you soon learn to see the beauty in every body, simply because they are content (some downright joyous) to be naked and free. It’s like the difference between live music and studio recordings; being there, interacting, all senses engaged, is far more effective to change our perceptions than any amount of research.

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    1. William Post author

      Thanks for the comment. Sorry to respond so late but for some reason it is just now appearing in my feed. I find that contentment in more internal then external. But acceptance can be both external and internal as well.

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