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media site captures response to mother who says she want her kids to see her clothes free

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Mummy-blogger urges other mothers to get naked around their children to teach them about real bodies

Constance Hall – a parent and blogger who recently made a name for herself after her brutally honest post about ‘parent sex‘ went viral – has today started another important conversation on her Facebook page..

The blogger, who has an online following of over 491,000, shared a nude image of herself and her son, with an important message in which she urged other mothers to be more open with their bodies around their children.

She wrote: ‘I advocate nakedness around your children, homes and husbands. I don’t want my boys’ expectations of women to resemble those that they see in magazines or TV nor do I want my girls’ expectations of themselves to.’

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My Second Nude Walk in the Woods.

For my second Nude walk in the woods i decided to get down to brass tacks.  No fanny pack, just me, my clothes, a mp3 player, my car keys and one e-cig.  And most of all, no grand expectations.

Its amazing how good walking can feel when you are in a good mood, and the weather is nice enough.  I had to wait almost 3 weeks before i could go on another nude walk due to the weather suddenly becoming cold again.  Suffice to say i was wondering how long i would have to wait, when the opportunity presented itself just 3 days ago.

This time when i went for a walk it was very different.  I knew the trail, i knew where I wanted to go and how far to walk.  This walk was a lot more fun and i felt great.  The air on my skin felt wonderful and i felt a grand sense of freedom.  But alas it was not to last.  I completed my nude walk in about 40 minutes and decided to head back to my car and home.

But there is something that this nude walk helped me realize.  I need to walk for my true health, nude or not I need to try to walk every day.  I know that won’t be easy with work and all, but one of my plans is to get some kind of gym membership.  I have diabetes and high blood pressure.  So much of my health problems would go away if i just exercised and lost some more weight.  So while i may go on a few more nude walks.  I think i will focus on getting healthy, not nude in the course of getting some exercise.

My First Nude Walk in the Woods.

So some of you may be wondering why i didn’t write about the first nude walk in the woods that i took earlier.  To be honest it was something of a pyrrhic achievement.  The problem with first walk was the fact that i had not vetted the trail completely.  I was nervous, and i had a negative state of mind due to having a lot going on at the time.

Let me explain the trail in some detail so you can understand what was going on.  Basically the trail is set in a patch of woods that used to be a swamp.  You can access the trail via a off ramp road from the highway.  The trail runs in one big loop with intersecting trails that join on side of the loop to the other or lead to another section on one side.  Being within the trail itself the tail seems to be very large and even something of a maze.  But if you walk the whole thing just once you realize its relatively small, not even 2 miles of walking in total.  On the right of the trail is the highway that you would usually travel.  No one can really see you from the highway or road because of elevation and distance.  On the left side of the loop is a series of apartments, a hospice, and the back yards of some houses that are part of a old subdivision.  On this side also the trees thin out quite well and you could be plainly seen if someone was looking.

I did not realize all this during my first walk so i was fraught with worry and quickly putting back on my clothes as i walked the left side of the trail.  To make matters worse i was wearing a fanny pack with just about everything i could carry in it.  And i had foolishly worn a pair of soft but very comfortable shoes.  The shoes did not give much protection to my toes so whenever i stubbed my foot on a tree root it kind of stung.  The whole walk was very clumsy and kind of misery inducing.  By the time i made it back to my car i wasn’t sure if i wanted to write about my experience, repeat it, or even think about it.

After thinking about my first walk for a day or two i decided i would go back to the trail a second time.  I realized that I had walked the trail with too many expectations, too much equipment, and too much negativity in my mind.  I had expected a lot out of myself and the walk as well.  I was unprepared and over prepared in some other ways.  I decided that my next walk would be different.

Another project. Maybe.

I’ve been thinking of starting a new project were every now and then i post a collection of naturists that are not beautiful, fit, and young.  I was thinking of calling it: Nude: the old, the ugly, and the not so Perfect.  My main reason for doing so is to promote positive body image.  Also now that i realize that I’m fat and getting old maybe I need to appreciate what i ma now more then ever.  Please give me some feed back, comments and suggestions.

From sacred to profane The Hottentot Venus effect – Naturism,nudism and clothes free living African Americans and the clothes free community

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“If anything is sacred, the human body is sacred” -Walt Whitman I Sing the Body Electric

In many ways the next chapter in the clothes free history of Africans and their descendants in Europe and the Americas could be described as a journey from the sacred to the profane. The cultural and religious values of European colonists judged the natural, logical states of dress of the indigenous Africans to be profane, barbaric, savage and uncivilized. The colonial era and the accompanying slave trade which brought Africans into contact with Europeans who had a limited view of the world, amplified this perspective. The European populous was exposed to body shapes and skin color they had never seen before.

Her “unusual” physical characteristics though not unnatural for Khoisan (Khoikhoi) women were considered freakish by Europeans in London and then Paris. Many African-American women will recognize the body shape that was…

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The African Continent Naturism, Nudism and clothes free living -African Americans and the clothes free community

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“Until lions have their own historians, tales of the hunt shall always glorify the hunter” – African Proverb

This is the first in a four-part series of posts about the presence of African-Americans and people of African descent in the clothes free community for Black History Month. This series will look at a brief history of naturism, nudism, and clothes free living in connection with  African-Americans and their participation in the clothes free community. Hopefully, this series will accomplish two things; deepen the awareness of the African American community about the historical practice naturism among people of African ancestry. Also to encourage dialogue between the African-American community and the clothes free community about the lingering limiting factors that impact their participation.

The history

In order to understand the current state of African-Americans and naturism, nudism and clothes free living, we have to look back at the history of naturism, nudity and…

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There are negros among us – Naturism, nudism and clothes free living African Americans and the clothes free community

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NATURISM IS FOR “every body,” as the saying goes, and its offer of freedom, health, and social equality are inherently available to any and all. Yet naturism in North America remains blindingly white. – Mark Storey Nude & Natural 25.3

imageDescribed as the golden age of nudism by some the post World War II era of nudism wasn’t so golden for African-Americans in the U.S.  The African-American experience in the clothes free community reflected very much what was happening in the rest of society. The racial prejudice and segregation present in the broader society was present in the U.S. naturist/nudist subculture. Perhaps inspired by the experiences of “negro” GIs returning from WWII in Europe or buoyed by the ideals of emerging civil rights movement, the African-Americans actively sought to take part in naturist/nudist/ communities, clubs and camps. This interest was significant enough to permit a report on the phenomenon…

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