Your Lack of Nudity is Hurting Us All.

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I, like many other women, went through a transformation when I was in a nudist environment. Surrounded by people of all shapes and sizes, I went topless in Ibiza. In that moment, I didn’t suddenly love my body — but, I accepted it. I learned to say “fuck you” to hating it. I started to enjoy life, free from the constant anxiety that my body wasn’t “good enough” to do so.

Colorado City Council decides 11-year old girls can walk around topless in Public.

Colorado City Council decides 11-year old girls can walk around topless in Public.

Uhhh…yeah.  This is where I have a serious conflict.  But hey you guys discuss this in the comments section while I try to wrap my brain around this one.

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Following a ‘Free the Nipple’ campaign in Fort Collins, Colorado, feminists have won a victory allowing women–and girls as young as eleven–to be bare-breasted in public.

After a three-year lawsuit, activists have won a case where a topless ban from city law has been removed by Fort Collins City Council.

The removal of the law will allow girls as young as eleven to legally walk around the city topless, costing the city over $320,000 in fees.

Good luck out there with this one guys.

Sexual Nudity

Glad to see some has noticed this like I have.

Orthodox Nudism

“Sex and nudity go together like peas and carrots.”

Isn’t that how the saying goes? I don’t know. But I do know that while sex requires a degree of nudity (the more the better, to be honest), nudity does not require sex.

Nudism is a lifestyle of nudity. Nudism is not a lifestyle of loose, illicit sex. Nudists like to be naked. I am sure most nudists also like sex. But the two are not related. Or at least they shouldn’t be.

Would I be lying if I said I was not attracted to the sight of a nude woman? Yes. Nude women are beautiful. So are clothed women for that matter. But do I lust after them and desire to have sex with them?


That’s not the purpose of nude recreation.

The purpose of nude recreation is to equalize and humanize all people. It is not to objectify…

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I Refuse to Make my Kids Ashamed of Their Bodies so We’re a Naked Household!

I think the title says it all!

I Refuse to Make my Kids Ashamed of their Bodies So We’re a Naked Household

Other times, he would pounce in ready to tell me about the random thoughts that were racing through his big toddler mind.

I was always naked and both of us were comfortable with this.

In fact, all these years later we are still comfortable with our nudity.

Our whole family seems to be comfortable with nudity.

We change in front of each other, often share a stall in the family change room at the pool and shower with the bathroom door open.