Danish TV show that pairs kids and naked adults slammed as depraved.

Danish TV show that pairs kids and naked adults slammed as depraved.

Yeah I have problem with this. I know it’s not actually pedophilia. But still…this is a lot much!

On one TV show, the truth is actually naked.

In Denmark, an award-winning television program called “Ultra Strips Down,” puts nude adults in front of school-age children.

The series allows its young participants, ages 11 to 13, to ask the grown-up volunteers whatever questions are on their minds in order to promote body positivity and combat body-shaming, according to the New York Times.

Despite Denmark’s relatively permissive attitude towards nudity and its well-intentioned mission, the show, now in its second season on a channel called DR Ultra, has sparked backlash. One politician even said it is “depraving our children.”

A recent episode, which focused on skin and hair, placed students from Copenhagen’s Orestad School in the company of five buck-naked adults. The series’ creators want to challenge the idea that there are perfect body types.

As a naturist a part of me is confused as to why they would even do this. But as a Uncle I am outraged. I think this is just wrong.

Patrick review – wry, existential nudist comedy


This show is in Belgum and it’s about the existential crisis of a man who comes to inherit the naturist retreat from his father, but is obsessed with finding a lost hammer. What makes the show so interesting is that there is almost nothing about the nudity in the show, just the crisis the main character faces.

Where is Public Nudity legal in America?

So i am following a woman on Twitter who is pushing to get rid of the anti-topless laws in her state. She had made some claims earlier that a number of states had gone pro-topless. I wasn’t sure if it was true, so i decided to look and see. So i goggled a search and this is what i found.


Seattle, WA

Seattle actually allows for people to be nude anywhere anytime as long as you’re not making anyone uncomfortable. Many people go to relax at beaches or parks without the stress of clothing, and have been doing so since the 1990s when the case of Seattle v. Johnson made it legal.


Most places in Oregon are pretty lenient when it comes to nudity, as it turns out. There are plenty of nude spas and clubs you can go to (when it’s safe to go places again after the COVID-19 pandemic, of course). There are even lots of hot springs where you can enjoy unwinding totally au naturale. 

Austin, TX

Surprisingly, Austin is one of the most topless-friendly cities in the United States, where there are no laws specifically forbidding public nudity. In fact, Hippie Hollow is Texas’ government-maintained clothing-optional park, which covers 100 acres on Lake Travis’s shoreline and is a great place to cool off in the nude.

New York, NY

New York is one of the only places where anyone of any gender can go topless publicly without it being considered indecent exposure. However, it’s still not legal to bare your genitals, so no summer streaking across Rockaway Beach unless you want a hefty fine.

Philadelphia, PA

Philly technically allows you to be naked as long as you’re not being “lewd.” In fact, there’s usually an Annual Naked Bike Ride, which has also been seen in other places like Los Angeles. Still, people usually cover their genitals.


It’s actually completely legal to go out in the nude for some sun at many beaches in Florida, where at places like Miami’s Haulover Beach it’s clothing optional. Feel free to bare it all at Playalinda, Blind Creek Beach, or even South Beach (although, watch out for camera phones). Perhaps the only exception (though there is no legal precedent) is Bunche Beach Preserve in San Carlos Bay of Fort Myers, which definitely does not want anyone to take their clothes off.


Now this article is from 2015 but I’ve confirmed that the list is still correct.

Now as I have said before I still have some dislike of the topless movement. Because i believe it is a part of the political feminist movement and really has nothing to do with naturism. But if people decide to allow women to go topless in their city or state then i have no problems with such a move. To be honest though even if the laws were to change nationwide i doubt many women would suddenly start going topless.

Naked protesters in upstate NY wear ‘spit hoods’ in solidarity with Daniel Prude


I am not taking a stance on the whole BLM thing with this post. I am merely posting some Naked News in the case of this blog post.

Courting the Millennials. A Twitter Post.

This isn’t from my Twitter account.  But from another one.  So I am re-posting it.  I thought it was interesting.  https://twitter.com/AlmostWildBlog/status/1293630952648785921

This past week, I’ve been thinking a lot about the pickle that our nudist clubs and organizations have gotten themselves into by not adapting with the times, by not embracing and engaging each new generation. They’re so far behind now that it’s difficult to catch up. 1/9

But at the same time, it’s never been easier to catch up than it is right now. Yes, they’re struggling to attract millennials, but the ways they could attract millennials require very little effort. Less effort, I’m sure, than attracting many previous generations. 2/9

For example, having a slick website and curated social media experiences? Not that hard. Young people know how to do this. People do this as a career. It can be done and it’s accessible to all, the obstacle is putting that responsibility in the right (young) hands. 3/9

Convincing people nudity is normal? Easy. This is a generation of people who grew up seeing nudity flow freely across the web, who openly advertise their onlyfans accounts online, who are not offended by genitals and breasts on their fav HBO show. 4/9

Attracting a more diverse crowd? EASY, TOO! It has never been easier to oppose racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia. It honestly seems like to much more work to dig your heels into prejudice than to just say, “fine, everyone is welcome and we’ll stand up for you!” 5/9

On top of that, discrimination is bad business. Worse now than ever. Anti-discrimination policies and practices aren’t going to harm your business, they’re going to help it. I’m looking at you, nudist clubs afraid they’ll lose business by standing up to bullies. 6/9

The only hard part of all of this is letting go. Letting go of the attachment to doing things the exact same way they’ve always been done and expecting different results. You can’t carry on as usual and expect the world to adapt to your unwillingness to accept change. 7/9

Maybe there’s an argument that millennials aren’t “joiners,” but I disagree that’s always the case. And maybe boomers have trouble letting go, but that’s not always the case either. There needs to be collaboration, and that movement has to come from both ends of the spectrum. 8/9

Anyway, I’m thinking of hashing this out in a follow-up blog post to “Millennial Killed the Nudist Club,” and calling it “Boomer Killed the Nudist Club.” 9/9