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Don’t get me wrong. This is not a post about body painting. I’m going to delve a little into the side of naturism of other ethnic groups. People of colour. Black people. Hispanic people. And why? Because I have found that around 95% of the naturist contacts I have on the internet are white. Caucasian.…

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african american woman vlogs it’s ok to be naked europeans perverted nudity

Formerly clothes free life visit our new home

curator’s note I challenge viewers of European descent to watch the complete video before jumping to knee jerk defense responses about the vlogger’s point. If there is to be greater acceptance and diversity among naturists there needs to be greater transparency more openness to non Europeans perspectives.

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How the Blacks i deal with respond to me being a Naturist.

Whenever i say I am a nudist, the looks I get are always the same.  Looks of shock and suspicion.  As if being a at home nudist is some horrible thing.  And if i even mention that I would like to visit a naturist retreat one day, then i have actually been asked if i am crazy, kinda perverted, or just really desperate for sex.  At this point i usually give up trying to have a conversation about Blacks and Naturism.  Because i already know it will go no where.  I will just get more looks of fear and perversion, and black people will avoid me or think I’m a weirdo.  Its really sad.

Black to the future:Naturism,nudism, and clothes free living African Americans and the clothes free community

Formerly clothes free life visit our new home

“Being a naturist, I chose to experience my nudity outdoors in natural environments and indoors within communities of diverse people in non sexual environments. For me, it’s a choice to openly and intimately experience myself in every season. I openly and intimately embrace all of the elements: air, fire, water, earth. And I commit to maintaining practices of self-love and self-acceptance through all the seasons of my life. I chose to have my first naturist experience during a time in my life when I was consciously seeking and exploring personal, spiritual and tangible liberation and freedom.” Jasmine Burems – Honey & Gold – The Goddess Lifestyle

So where do we stand? What is the current state of the relationship between African-Americans and the clothes free community? Is the clothes free community and the practice of clothes free living an inherently a white European practice? I wish I could say the…

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Well since i am in the spirit of maybe offending and pissing some people off i may as well get to this post while i still have some guts!

Originally this post was going to be made because i was angry, but luckily i calmed down and spent the last two weeks thinking about it.  I decided this was a nude issue as well.  I made a similar post to this long ago on my old blog, but since that blog got deleted i guess I’ll make a new one.

Just so you know if you offend easily you may not want to read any further.  Cause this may upset some people.  Well you have been warned.

So what got me so upset.  Another post on 4chan’s /pol/ (politically incorrect) board.  Another young white male complaining of all things that the White race is dying because of Black men having large penises.  And for some reason White women are just so brain dead and horny that whenever they see a Black man they immediately have to pounce on his dick and have his babies.  Oh and by the way the Jews are also to blame because they are somehow promoting interracial relationships!  So we know that is all bullshit and here is some proof:

Yes this is my penis.  In all its no so great glory.  As you can see I don’t have the girth of a coke can, and I’m only 5 inches long flaccid, and maybe 6 inches erect.  How this is a threat to any White male I’ll never know.

Now we all know where the myth about Black male penis size and libido came from, but to know that there are males in their 20’s who still believe said myth in this day and age irks me to no end.  Hell if I’m not hung like a prize stud then I’m pretty sure the pictures there show I’m not some statistical outlier or freak of nature.

So why does the myth persist?  Simple, some people need to blame others for their failures in life.  So its easy to blame well endowed black males and Jews for the fact that you can’t get a girlfriend.  When instead you should be blaming yourself.  Women are not that hard to talk to, you just have to pluck up the courage to do so and even more courage to deal with rejection.  But in today’s age the 20-something have been taught that nothing is their fault, its always someone else’s fault.

But now to something much more boring.  Simple facts.

While women have admitted that bigger is better, those that say that often have no idea what they’re getting into.  Having been told by several women that anything more then 8 inches is like having your cervix painfully pounded by a jackhammer should be a wake up call to just about any male that having 10 inches ain’t exactly a great thing.

Next set of fact.  And i am giving out some inside baseball here ladies, so listen up:

  1. White males grow more during erection then black males do.
  2. Dark skinned black males have a tendency to be larger then light skinned black males
  3. The longer your penis is the more discomfort it can cause a woman.
  4. There have been some studies showing that men with larger penises have a higher chance of contacting STDs.

So there you have it.  Kinda boring in the end isn’t it.  For the last thing i will say is I hope this article will help some people pull their heads out of their asses when it comes to penis size.  If you’re still worried about the size of your penis then you’re either insecure or still a teenager.  And if i can go to a naturist resort with a penis this size then so can all of you.  So see you at the club!

Why do Blacks view Naturism as ‘so white’.

This blog post is in response to this post here: Why is nudism portrayed as being so White?

So as you can see in these pictures there are almost no black people in these pictures.  Why is that?  It is not because of racism on the part of whites, but on the part of Blacks.  Black America, for years, in an attempt to create their own culture, have designated every thing from clothes, to music, to even certain activities as for Blacks, or for Whites.  I can remember this going on ever since i was a child.  Country and rock music were designated as ‘for white people’, while Rap, Soul, and R&B were designated as ‘for black people’.  The stupidity doesn’t end there.  Riding bikes through the park: white people.  Bird watching: white people.  Skiing: most definitely for white people.  And finally Marlboro cigarettes: for white people.

To do any of the aforementioned activities deemed you as ‘less black’, a Uncle Tom, or a Carlton Banks.  As a black person you could be shunned by your fellow blacks for doing any of those activities.  And so we shied away from them and being raised in a environment where activities, clothing, and even smoking cigarettes were divided by race a black person has a subconscious and conscious tendency to continue the idea.  When most blacks seen anything involving Naturism or Nudism we mostly see whites doing it.  So immediately our conscious and subconscious say, “This is something white people do, so I cannot or will not do so.”  After this a racist factor may also be imposed on the activity.  Years of older generations of blacks warning us of white being angry or fearful of us being in the midst of them and stealing their males or females has been drilled in our heads.  So with certain white activities that we shun we use a belief of unfounded racism as a reason not to get involved.

There is very little Naturism can do about this, even showing more pictures of black naturists in magazines and online won’t help.  Those blacks in such pictures will be seen as a rare thing, as Uncle Toms or poor naive ignorant blacks who don’t realize that the whites are so uncomfortable with a black person involving themselves in their precious activity.  So blacks then justify non-involvement by saying they do not wish to make whites feel uncomfortable around them.  In other words a vicious cycle ensues where blacks stifle themselves from enjoying life to the fullest.  And whites wonder if they have done something wrong and acquire ‘white guilt’ about their activities where none is needed.

In the end i think White nudists have done all they can to welcome and encourage the Black community with open arms into Nudism.  Its Black America that has the hang up about the naked body, and the fault of Black racism when it comes to joining the Nudist community.  Blacks must set aside their fear, arrogance, and assumptive racism in order to become a part of the Nudist community.  I hope this post clears up any preconceived notions about Blacks and Naturism.

An interesting thread on 4chan

So i was cruising 4chan earlier today and i stumbled upon what looked like a naturist thread in /pol/ (Politically Incorrect), but sadly it wasn’t.  The two threads seemed to be complaining that the Fremont Solstice Parade was basically degeneracy (perversion) and it was a sign of the decline of the white race in general.  Stupid i know, but both threads had numerous pictures of the Nude Bike Ride that occurs during the event.  So i took some screen caps of the thread and here’s what I saw.

Now the two threads got deleted shortly afterwards.  Now you must also take into account that /pol/ is filled with racist morons who are basically perma-virgins looking for any excuse as to why they are failing in life.  So their opinions on Naturism are basically a joke.  But what caught my eye was the link that you can see in the picture.  The link goes to a blog site basically called “Stuff White People Like”.  I had no idea this was a thing now.  That we as Americans are still dividing such small things in our lives by race.  Now i can remember when music and cigarettes were divided by race back when i was a kid and in my 20’s, but i thought we had moved past that.  I guess not.

In the end i do not believe that Naturism is a ‘white thing’ as these pictures show its quite the opposite.  It may take time but i think blacks will get into Naturism over time with positive exposure to it.