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Interview: Dean of Black Nude Taurus

ReNude Pride

It is my honor and privilege to introduce to all of you Dean “Dandy-Deen” , the author of Black Nude Taurus  blog (click title to view). He’s the “sleeping beauty” pictured in the photograph above. I met Dean this Spring and we’ve been communicating via text and email throughout our friendship. He’s a very fun guy to know and is a personable nude dude – full of energy and enthusiastic about life. The labels that Dean prefers to use to describe his serious allergy to clothing are: full-frontal, au naturel, nude, naked, bare, unclothed and clothesless. In this regard, he’s my type of man!

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ReNude Pride

Erectilephobia is my own term for any man who allows his fear of possibly having an erection in public to prevent him from trying social nudity. The most unfortunate aspect of this situation is that there is an equal possibility that the same man will not have an erection in public and therefore he’s allowing this possibility to prohibit him from the camaraderie and joys of social nudity. Arousals (erections) aren’t available “on demand” so none of us are immune from this happening, but we’re realists and refuse to let that possibility stand in our way of enjoyment.

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I made it into a Times article about naturism…


Following the success of the article I contributed to in The Atlantic around Nudists and Social Media, I was contacted out of the blue by a reporter from The Times in London. She’d read the Atlantic article and was keen to do a follow up article.

I agreed and that same evening did an interview by telephone with Gurpreet (the reporter) it was about 20 minutes long and covered a lot of points about naturism for me and using social media as a Naturist.

The next day I received a call from the picture desk team who wanted to arrange for a photographer to visit. I arranged for them to visit on the Thursday morning. Chris, the Times photographer arrived with a host of photographic equipment and we spent a pretty surreal hour in my garden and a few shots inside of me clothed to begin with and then nude…

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I really am thinking about quitting the whole shaven crotch routine when it comes to Naturism.  It just doesn’t feel right any more and at times i feel its a hassle.  I always shaved my pubic region because I thought that that was what naturists did and were supposed to do.  But now I just don’t know any more.  Maybe I’ll shave my pubic region one last time and let it all grow out afterwords to see how I feel about it.  Over the last few years I’ve seen more and more naturists who have allowed the hair on their crotches to go unshaven, maybe I’ve had it wrong all this time.

So You’re a Naturist?

Naturist Fab

A Facebook friend and fellow artist sent me a message saying she had read my bio on my website and asked me; “So, you’re a naturist? Good for you. You are very courageous and I am proud of you for embracing and affirming the person that you are”.

She certainly took me by surprise with her comment and we talked for awhile as she asked me if John was a naturist as well, of which I told her no.. She had a few questions regarding naturism and I was more than happy to oblige.

I told her how it was another part of me and that I did very normal day to day chores only I choose to do them clothes free. As the conversation went on I realized that she was genuinely interested. It wasn’t something for her as she has issues even going to the beach in a…

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