Nudist Dating Site Scam

So a few days ago I was checking the other sites I follow and there was a post about a new dating site for Naturists called  I thought it might be a good way to find other naturists in my area and connect so i started a trial membership.  As i suspected the site quickly followed dating site scam protocol.

  1. A email is sent just a few hours later saying three women were interested in me.
  2. All attempts to view pictures of the women or chat with them redirect to a payment screen
  3. The women were all online constantly but never responded to any ‘winks’ or other attempts to get their attention
  4. Any attempts to click on other members either led to the payment screen or to a search engine that never showed any results but prompted you to pay money to get a more accurate search.
  5. It seems that so many people are online, but no one ever attempts to contact me or anyone else.  It is impossible to actually just message a person and get a prompt real-time response.
  6. All the female ‘buddies’ i had all had similar profiles.  They were all from Canada, all of them were 30, and they all described themselves as ‘nasty sluts who want to suck and fuck’.

Basically the site just wants you to pay them money to view fake or inactive profiles.  A lot of the pictures are stolen from Facebook or some amateur porn site.  Best bet is to leave this place alone and don’t spend any money on it.

P.S.  Just found this article on the Young Naturist site:

It helps prove my point

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